june 20, 2018
New York’s Health Department Plans to Recommend Legalizing Marijuana
A study on marijuana legalization ordered by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will recommend that the state legalizes adult-use marijuana. Cuomo, who has long opposed marijuana reform, has recently shifted his stance thanks to a primary challenge from the pro-legalization gubernatorial hopeful Cynthia Nixon.

Cannabis Oil: Cabinet Appears Divided as Hunt Calls for Review
12-year-old epilepsy patient Billy Caldwell is spurring a conversation about drug reform in the U.K. Caldwell, who was seizure-free for 300 days, recently landed in the hospital after the Home Office confiscated cannabis oil that his mother brought back from Canada. The episode prompted the UK’s health secretary to call for a swift legal review of medical marijuana.

Trump Says He Is Likely to Support Ending Blanket Federal Ban on Marijuana
In a break from his administration’s stance on drug policy, President Trump has said he will “probably” support a bill that would allow states to develop their own marijuana laws. The bill would also allow cannabis businesses to access financial services, among other reforms. The comments put him at odds with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Marijuana Helps A Wounded Veteran Move Off Opioids
Jeff Sessions may be unconvinced about the medical benefits of cannabis, but Army veteran Matthew Kahl certainly isn’t. After suffering from PTSD and chronic pain, he moved to Colorado as a “medical marijuana refugee.” Thanks to cannabis, Kahl doesn’t take “heaping piles of pills” anymore.

Fewer US Teens Smoking, Doing Drugs… and Drinking Milk
Legalization “would send the wrong message” to young people, prohibitionists often like to claim. But according to federal data, fewer teens are doing drugs. Marijuana use is steady among 12- to 17-year-olds, disputing the idea that liberalizing cannabis laws contribute to an increase in youth use. Meanwhile, fewer teenagers are using other illicit drugs like MDMA and LSD.

How Mapping Marijuana DNA Could Change the Future of Pot
Scientists who are mapping marijuana’s genome are hoping that their work helps prevent Big Pharma from taking over the cannabis industry once it becomes legal in the U.S. While some cannabis patents have already been granted, some scientists are hoping that making data public will help prevent corporations from patenting stuff they shouldn’t be.

How You Can Order Cannabis Leaf Tempura From a Secret Menu in a LA Restaurant
At a Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles, customers can order dishes that include cannabis off of a secret menu. None of them are psychoactive, though: "They’ve been eating cannabis in Southeast Asia for hundreds of years. A lot of it is not about getting high, it’s about injecting the health properties of the plant,” said its owner.

Hickenlooper Vetoes Three Cannabis Bills in Two Days
Families of autistic children rallied outside of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s office earlier this month in hopes of persuading him to sign a bill that would add autism to the list of medical marijuana-qualifying conditions. Despite being a champion of his state’s marijuana program in the past, Hickenlooper vetoed the bill, along with two others.

Lawmakers In Illinois Embrace Medical Marijuana As An Opioid Alternative
The Illinois legislature passed a bill aimed at combating the opioid crisis with medical marijuana: Anyone who receives an opioid prescription would become eligible to participate in the medical marijuana program. It’s still unclear whether Governor Bruce Rauner would actually sign the bill — he has previously opposed attempts to expand the program.

No Easy Path to Obtain Medical Cannabis
A Marine veteran who suffered from PTSD, chronic pain, and anxiety often self-medicated with over-the-counter NSAIDS and alcohol. After developing other health problems due to the large amounts of ibuprofen he consumed, Chris Breyfogle decided he would give medical marijuana a try. The only problem? Finding a doctor who would recommend it.
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