August 29, 2018
Conservative North Dakota Might Be the Next State to Legalize Cannabis
Sign of the times? An adult-use marijuana legalization initiative has made the ballot in North Dakota of all places - a state where Donald Trump won more than 60 percent of the vote. While a grassroots campaign has mobilized support for the issue, plenty of conservative lawmakers still balk at the idea.

How Much the First FDA-Approved CBD Medication Will Cost
GW Pharmaceuticals has revealed that its CBD drug Epidiolex will cost about $32,500 a year. Epidiolex is the first marijuana-derived medicine to gain FDA approval for two forms of epilepsy that are difficult to treat. The eye-popping figure led many to speculate that it would drive patients to buy CBD from other sources.

Study: With CBD, 80% of Children With Autism Saw Improvement
A new study out of Israel found great promise for using CBD oil to treat children on the autism spectrum. The participants, who spent seven months on the cannabis oil, saw great gains in improvement to their behavioral problems. The treatment also helped with communication and anxiety in some of the patients.

Medical Marijuana User’s Boss Can Drug Test Him, Court Says
A federal court in New Jersey ruled against a medical marijuana patient in a drug-testing case. Daniel Cotto Jr. sued his former employer after he was fired over his medical marijuana use. The judge pointed to marijuana’s federal prohibition in his ruling that employers don’t have to waive drug tests for patients who use medical cannabis.

Multiple Sclerosis Patient Calls Medical Cannabis Trial ‘A Miracle’
Multiple sclerosis patients saw great results while participating in a Phase 2 cannabis trial in Montreal. "I’m not joking when I say it’s like a miracle,” said one participant. While the medicine still has some way to go before approval, the therapeutic potential of the plant is finally gaining mainstream notice.

Cannabis As Medicine? More and More Baby Boomers Think So
Cannabis use increased more than 70 percent over several years among Americans over 50-years-old. The data was analyzed by a team of researchers who found that the number of older adults turning to cannabis as medicine are increasing rapidly as attitudes shift. 

Garbage From Washington State’s Booming Pot Industry Clogs Gutters, Sewers and Landfills
In a state where people pride themselves on being environmentally friendly, waste from the cannabis industry is becoming a problem. While the cannabis community has historically been concerned with the environment, a new type of cannabis entrepreneur has eyes on profits — not sustainability.

From Hippies to Haute Cuisine: How Pot Food Got a Makeover
“Eating marijuana has long been about function over flavor.” No longer. As cannabis moves more towards the mainstream, its flavor is increasingly celebrated by cannabis chefs instead of being seen as something to mask. Here, a look at a new type of cannabis chef and a new recipe for a “grown-up pot brownie” (complete with chia seeds, almonds, and goji berries).
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