There was a survey done a few years ago by ‘Lovefilm’ (remember them?). It found that lots of people lie about having seen films. In particular, 30% of respondents admitted having lied about seeing The Godfather.

People lie about all sorts of things – and at an extraordinary rate. Some studies have shown that the majority of people can’t go for more than ten minutes without telling a fib. Although other researchers have suggested that the average number of lies told per day is only about two.

It seems that we are, to some extent, programmed to deceive. It’s a survival trait – presumably developed from the first time an aesthetically challenged but massive cave man stared in to a glassy pool and asked his  diminutive friend if they thought his new furs made him look ruggedly handsome. Even those of us who really strive to be honest will deceive to some degree – maybe the biggest thing we need to be honest about is our own capacity for deceit.

I uploaded a new 'longform' article on Saturday, this one is a very personal piece of writing, about something that happened 12 years ago. If you'd like to have a read, head over to my website and follow the longform links.
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