Unless you make them, you may not be aware of how similar bread and wine really are. To make bread you need ground up grains, water, and yeast. Some sugar helps too. To make wine you need mashed up fruit, water and yeast – and yes, some sugar helps too.

It is not even always necessary to add the yeast: you can make use of naturally occurring yeasts – and sugars which will do the work for you, as long as you’re prepared to wait a bit longer. And so long as you like your wine on the dry side. There's mixing involved, there's hard work involved, and there's a lot of waiting involved too.

But there’s something elemental, something almost pure about making these two very basic products, very different in outcome, but so similar in process. And yet when they’re bought, pre-packaged, sealed up and safe – they come devoid of story, shorn of background, deeply separate and entirely different. You would never guess their similarity. But when you come to make them, once you get your hands dirty and your bubbles start to form, then suddenly the connection is very clear.
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