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Dying to Get Started

Our latest mural wall has been designed by senior PRSC crew member CJ...

"Every month we have a new and exciting piece on our outdoor gallery mural wall. We feature beautiful, interesting and challenging artwork as well as political and protest pieces, and the artists and organisations responsible and the issues covered are diverse and important. It’s a real privilege to have a prime spot in our amazing city to amplify those voices. Over the last few years at the PRSC I’ve helped paint quite a lot of them – well I’ve slapped up some base coats – but this is the first time that I’ve designed a wall myself.

This issue is massively important to me and many of my friends as it directly affects our lives and puts our futures on hold. Personally I’ve been on the waiting list for the local Gender Identity Clinic since early 2017 - as yet I haven’t had any contact about a first appointment, and I don’t expect any contact for some time yet. It’s difficult to get a clear idea of just how long waiting times are - the 5 years figure is from a recent freedom of information request - but with the lists increasing daily and the added pressures of the current healthcare environment there’s every chance that this will increase further. The waiting time that the NHS aims for from referral to being seen is 18 weeks. That’s laughable at this point.

This is a difficult issue to talk about in the middle of a pandemic with the entire healthcare system stretched to breaking point, but this isn’t a new problem. Waiting lists have been spiraling for over a decade as underfunding and the lack of political will have seen it remain as a low priority. The government recently announced that there would be three pilots of a new approach to trans healthcare. These aren’t actually new proposals and have been in the works for a while so no credit goes to the current administration, but with a capacity of around 1600 patients they will barely touch the approximately 35,000 patients currently scratching out years of their lives waiting to be seen.

There’s an idea that trans people are looking to be singled out for special consideration and treatment, but that simply isn’t true. We want the same as everyone, to be seen and respected and we don’t want to lose a decade or more of our lives in limbo as we wait for procedures and medication that are given to cis (non-trans) people every day with little delay. We are way behind the curve in this country when it comes to access to trans healthcare and it’s costing lives."

See the mural wall in more detail
"The First Pride was a Riot" mug
"The First Pride was a Riot" mug
Order online
Blessed - A3 Screen Print
Blessed - A3 Screen Print
Order online
Trans Rights are Human Rights Mug
Trans Rights are Human Rights Mug
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Volunteer with us!

We have loads to do at the PRSC right now, using skills from photoshop to customer care. Can you help?

If you have a few hours spare to hand out flyers or do some research from home, or if you are looking for a regular role that will give you some training and help you develop new skills, we want to hear from you.

Be Kind - Dalai Lama Mug
Be Kind - Dalai Lama Mug
Order online
Stand Clear Of Those Doing It Mug
Stand Clear Of Those Doing It Mug
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Martin Luther King Mug
Martin Luther King Mug
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"From each according to ability, to each according to need"


A key tenet of much progressive thinking, the phrase, "From each according to ability, to each according to need" was a slogan popularised by Karl Marx in the late nineteenth century, and is central to the philosophy of the People's Republic of Stokes Croft.

This first edition of 100 mugs is offered at three different price points according to your own ability to pay.... All funds go towards the community work of PRSC.

£8 covers our costs
£12 gives a little profit
£18 will be very helpful

The Marx drawing is by Sarah McCarthy*, the layout by Chris Chalkley.

The secondary quote to the rear of the mug, "The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it", speaks of the necessity to act.

On the base, we have "Workers of the World, Unite", a rallying cry derived from the 1848 Communist Manifesto, on which is scrawled, "Lumpen+". The Lumpenproletariat are the unorganized and unpolitical lower orders of society who are not interested in revolutionary advancement.

No Lords, No Masters!

A must have for the revolutionaries amongst us.

* Are you Sarah McCarthy? Did you draw Karl Marx for us? Please get in touch if you did!

I want it
Property is Theft - George Carlin Mug
Property is Theft - George Carlin Mug
Order online
Capital in The 21st Century
Capital in The 21st Century
Order online
We Make Our Own Future A3 Print
We Make Our Own Future A3 Print
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Arts & Culture

People’s Art Fair

We're still accepting submissions for our Winter Show, kicking off on November 20th, as well as looking for volunteers to help us manage the event. Find out more and get involved here »

More events from Festival of Ideas

Bristol Festival of Ideas continues to offer thought provoking events online:

Check out the rest of their lineup or catch up on past talks »

News from DIY Arts Network

A message to the Bristol creative community: The DIY Arts Network is here to support you in communicating, connecting and offering support. Please let us know how we can connect with you and other networks to make sure we can support each other and culture in the city. We are also interested to know how we could help with the sector's wellbeing, if anyone has any ideas please get in touch. We will start by holding a meeting in November so we can connect.

Read their latest newsletter or sign up to their mailing list »

Festival UK* 2020
Funded collaboration research project for scientists, technologists, engineers, artists and mathematicians. Deadline: 3pm, 16th October 2020. Find out more »

This campaign by Bristol Arts Marketing takes place from 19-23 October to help promote the creative arts industry. See more: Read about how to take part »

DIY Art Network Culture Board Representative
Looking for a freelancer to represent the needs and concerns of artists and independent practitioners on Bristol’s One City Culture Board. Deadline: 5pm, 5th November 2020. Full details in their newsletter »

Centre of Gravity

As well as five whole floors of contemporary art, there's some brilliant events coming up in Centre of Gravity exhibition, housed in the Grade II listed Soapworks. Entry is via Bread Street behind the old Gardiner Haskins building off Old Market. Check out the full lineup of events here »

Our eyes were caught by these:

RWA Annual Exhibition

The RWA Annual Exhibition attracted 10,000 visitors last year. Tickets for this year’s exhibition (21 Nov 2020 – 7 Mar 2021) are now available online »

Check out their half term activities for families with RWA »

PRSC Out & About

Our scaffolding was used to help paint these new pieces on Braggs Lane over in Old Market. From left to right, painted by Mortal Ape & gHOSTboy, King Klue (around the shutter), Mr Sleven (on the shutter), then object...

Loving the Art Deco-esque tiles on the Swift & Company frontage, get yourself a history lesson on those »

Our Environment

Bristol Energy Coop Share Issue

Bristol Energy Cooperative is looking for investors before 31 October. Find out more »

News from Extinction Rebellion

XR are calling on us to lobby our MP today to support The CEE Bill: The tragic, life-changing Covid crisis shows we CAN do things differently! We must come together and seize this moment to seriously evaluate our toxic systems NOW, while we have the chance. We're running out of time - the CEE Bill the UK Government’s opportunity to take decisive action to avoid a total climate and ecological emergency.
Lobby your MP today to vote for the CEE Bill »
Find out more about the bill and join the campaign »

XR have also shared some videos from some of their protest actions last month:
September Rebellion 2020 - Our Story »
Sky News | 2pm | 2 September 2020 »
Extinction Rebellion protesters blockade Murdoch printing sites »

Have your say...

Planning White Paper

The government is proposing a major revision to our planning regulations which could be disastrous for the climate, access to social housing, our cities and our wildlife. See news report here »

If this is not challenged, the changes will increase house building with no provisions to make these new homes carbon neutral before a criminally late 2050. Many developments will be made exempt from planning permission, bypassing normal environmental control mechanisms that are designed to protect our local ecosystems. Locals will no longer have any say in the majority of planning decisions. Read more here »

What can you do? Respond to the consultation before 29 October. Make your voice heard... this plan has no place in a climate and ecological emergency!

Clean Air Zone Consultation

Clean Air For Bristol is running a consultation about a possible Clean Air Zone in the city. Deadline: 22nd November 2020. Find out more & have your say here »

Bearpit ‘cleanup’

A postgraduate student in Cardiff is conducting a survey on what Bristol thinks about the Bearpit ‘cleanup’. Share your views here »

Through the Lens

Reasons to Love Autumn

Being a summer child, PRSC's Lisa has a problem with autumn. The shortening days and cold nights bring on a wave of melancholy that turns into full on winter blues by November. In an attempt to fight the depression this year, Lisa has started a photo project called 'Reasons to Love Autumn'. We share a few of these images here and would love to receive any autumnal photos from you.

The Stokes Croft Food Project's Pay-What-You-Can Community Cafe visited the yard today - good thing it was sunny and dry!

Keeping it covid-friendly with a brand new tap in the venue

Raised fist stencil spotted on the riverside path

New on Turbo Island, 'The Future's Not What It Used To Be' by unknown artist

So often we pick up something practical to find its been turned beautiful by use

Throughout this crisis our work with rough sleepers continues. Please click on the button below to support this ongoing work.

Donate to support our homeless community
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