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Apart Together

The latest #medicineonthewalls mural is an international collaboration between Nairobi-based Msale and PRSC's own Object.... The two artists swapped sketches and worked together on a message and design showing how 'social distancing' and 'self-isolation' have become a shared experience around the world, then painted their respective walls (Bristol pictured above, Nairobi to the right) on the same day at the same time. Read more about the collaboration on Twitter or watch a time lapse of the two walls being painted.

HOME: a Virtual Exhibition

The People's Art Fair HOME exhibition has begun! Visit to view the online show, or if you're passing by our shop window you'll be able to see the physical exhibition.

We are still accepting submissions - let's grow this show! Email work to or drop your work through the shop letterbox - don't forget to include your label info.

Feeding the masses

An unexpected consequence of the Covid-19 situation has been getting a taste of a different potential future. Roads empty of traffic, wild-flowers exploding into life on every grass verge and skies devoid of noisy, polluting planes.

The crisis also provided a timely reminder of the importance of local small businesses and food producers, as local shops and grocers continued to stock fresh, healthy fruit and veg when supermarket shelves ran empty.

The Ecological Land Cooperative

Last week Radio 4's 'Farming Today' introduced us to the Ecological Land Cooperative (ELC). Nearly half the land in the UK is owned by less than 1% of the population, and much of it is dominated by destructive industrial methods of production. But there is huge potential for the growth of agroecology - agriculture that works together with natural ecology.

The ELC works to develop a network of affordable, low impact, small farms for ecological agriculture that can improve soil health, boost biodiversity and invigorate rural communities. Supporting small-scale, ethically minded farmers, the ELC offers residential farms for ecological land users.

See more about their work here: or read about their Community Share Investment Offer here:

Back in Bristol

More locally, the Avon Wildlife Trust and Grow Wilder have come up with a plan for the urban future: "our vision is to address the climate & ecological emergency by establishing a network of small urban farms that people can access" (see full video here)

Matt Cracknell (manager of Grow Wilder) wrote in the Bristol Cable recently about Bristol's potential to have a thriving local food economy that makes a significant contribution to society.

Bristol actually has some 2000 acres of potential food growing land if you include all other green space (while still leaving space for recreation, back gardens and parks). This might be enough to produce around 60,000 tonnes of vegetables per year – around 15% of the city's annual vegetable requirements.

There are loads of positive projects and initiatives reported in this article, including:

  • Bristol City Council's One City vision which has made food a priority. All council land assets are being reviewed in the coming year, which means land will be advertised and people will be able to apply for it through a private tender process.
  • Incredible Edible Bristol are trying to get policy changed so people can get leases on land for 'meanwhile gardening', which would be handed back when it was needed.
  • Bristol Food Producers have set up a land seekers' survey to connect people wanting land with those who have it, and have been working with the council to identify available land assets that can be redistributed.
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Last week XR put out an announcement warning us all that "countries across the world are looking at plans to bailout climate destroying industries and the banks that fund them. This is our money going to Big Business and Climate & Nature Destroyers instead of People and Planet. Governments around around the world are breaking the Paris Agreement in the name of economic recovery. It's time to resist."

This week they invite us to rebel with them: As we slowly ease out of lockdown, there are parts of lockdown life we don't want to leave behind. Only 9% of people want life to return to normal - now is our planet's chance to build a better, safer, future. And safer, cleaner, quieter streets are part of that. Many have taken up walking and cycling as part of their daily routine and air pollution in our biggest cities has fallen by 60%. Make sure there's no going back. Reclaim our streets this weekend!

Extinction Rebellion invite you to make your street cycle-friendly on Saturday, then get out your wheels on Sunday to take advantage of the newly bike-friendly streets!

As they look to the easing of lockdown, it has become explicit government and local council policy to increase the provision of cycle lanes in the city, and local progress is already being planned.

But as XR points out: The £2bn announced for cycling and walking in England over the next 5 years is still well short of the £6bn minimum needed to meet the Government's targets to double cycling trips and increase walking by 2025. It also pales into insignificance beside the £27 billion earmarked for England's motorways and trunk roads over the same period.

We all know how easy it is for policy makers to forget their green commitments in the face of economic and industry pressure, so this weekend we have a chance to apply some pressure on behalf of the environment.

I want to reclaim the streets!

An update from the Sleep Pod team

"As our stocks have run low, we did a socially distanced build at the Boomtown warehouse yesterday and built another 80 Sleep Pods. Some of these will go in the PRSC container for general use, some to Aid Box Community and the bulk to the container at Champion Square where homeless charities from across the city are working together to deliver a daily soup kitchen from one location, and distribute sleep pods to any rough sleepers that need them. We'll be building another 100 next week in preparation for when the hotels, where the majority of the rough sleepers are currently staying, shut their doors. We are proud to be involved in the joint effort by charities across the city to support those in need on the streets. Hopefully the legacy of this terrible virus will be the continued spirit of working together between all the amazing homeless charities in Bristol with the shared goal of eradicating street homelessness in our city."

Joby Andrews, Sleep Pod Bristol Coordinator

PRSC Staff Lockdown Diaries

Bev Milward has created this amazing Fimo coral for an automata by Georgina Shire, to be displayed at the harbourside when finished (click for larger pic)

Meanwhile Scruff has been experimenting with a macro lens (click for larger pic)...

...and Lisa has been exploring Bristol by foot: "Whatever the weather, Bristol is green, beautiful and incredibly rewarding to walk around". (click for larger pic)

Throughout this crisis our work with rough sleepers continues. Please click on the button below to support this ongoing work.

Donate to support our homeless community
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