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Image: fraction of iceberg above water as motif for what we consciously process, leaving the majority 'under the water' or unaddressed.

Perspectives from the Stair: Volume III, Issue 18a
1: Learning to See Over the Horizon, Matt
2: 3 Keys to Unlock Exceptional Performance, BonnieRobin
2: What does a Louisiana Hayride teach us about achieving Superior Results?, Stan
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1: Learning to See Over the Horizon

Matthew Weilert
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Image: Rock Eel Digital
One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching 'over the horizon thinking' is that people can apply it to any walk of life.
  • » Take care of the seconds and the minutes take care of themselves.

  • » Take care of the minutes and the hours take care of themselves.

  • » Take care of the hours and the days take care of themselves.

  • » Take care of the days and – by & large, strategic leadership takes care of itself!

This image is like a highway map: it may seem bewildering at first, yet the layers of meaning and coded information are readily available once you learn to "read the map" just like the colors, contours and symbols of your state highway map that the tourism office hands out.

Unlike coding, or physics or finance, thinking skills are the foundation for all of those endeavors, as well as the supremely more important endeavor
Layering Time Means Seeing Our World as a Symphony.
of raising a healthy family who grow up to be responsible, virtuous, contributing citizens.

The Real Gifts of the Magi

  • Seconds: Of the 100,000 heartbeats you'll be granted today, how many of them are spent doing things you'll be proud to report to your grandmother tomorrow?

  • Minutes: Take care of the minutes and the quarters will take care of themselves.

  • Hours: Are you investing [y]our hours building OUR own unique resource?

Intrigued? Apply to be a part of this innovative pilot teaching 'Over the Horizon' thinking. The first 100 applicants will be competitively assessed. Thirty-six will be selected to participate. Further details will be provided to those selected. [ ^ ]
Apply to be part of the pilot!
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2: 3 Keys to Unlock Exceptional Performance

BonnieRobin Mariela Watau
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Image: Rock Eel Digital
In my women's activewear startup, our sweetspot is the intersection where trendy meets timeless. Should every business marry the virtues of heritage with the opportunities of the present, to present a compelling offer for cus­to­mers? Yes or yes?

In this article, I'm excited to wrap up our year with a holiday bow: read on to learn what three keywords,  twit­ter­fied, distill thousands of pages of leading management counsel, into your grandmother's sage advice.

Obverse, the formal name for the front of a coin or medal, comes from the same root as obvious, that which is in front of us. Truth is so often right in front of us, yet obscured by the fog of modern media, of selfishness, arrogance, pride or willful lack of humility. "Climbing the Steps of the Lighthouse" is a process, an outlook, an orientation that boldly proclaims:
I did not create myself. There­fore ev­ery­one I meet has something to teach me.


When we encounter those bad examples, be they
  • » newscasters

  • » debate moderators

  • » media starlets or

  • » Supreme Court Justices

let us respond with the timeless words of St. Benedict:
Nunquam suade mihi vana! Sunt mala quæ libas. Ipse venena bibas!

(Never tempt me with your vanities! What you offer me is evil. Drink the poison yourself!)

The Real Gifts of the Magi

Yes, we reused this title on purpose!
  • » Love: It's in our DNA. It inspires countless movies, songs and yes, it makes the world go 'round. Not the sappy Hollywood version, the rock solid assurance that you can count on your teammate, your squad leader, your spouse – or your family.

  • » Yo: How do men do it? I've seen my husband convey a whole con­ver­sa­tion, both on and off the field, in just two letters. The you I mean here is the heart of business intimacy, with a powerful example by this man of my dreams in article three.

  • » Peeps: Who are your people, or as the on-trend media savants love to say, your tribe? How well do you know OUR own unique resonance?
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3 : What does a Louisiana Hayride Teach us about achieving Superior Results?

Stanley Felix Watau
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Image: Courtesy MGM
Nanette Fabray, commenting on Roger Eden's arrangements for the song Louisiana Hayride from Band Wagon.

In this provocative essay, I share a fascinating example of business intimacy (#bizint) that applies to every business across the spectrum!

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Business Intimacy: when you score music around your singer's best note!

Do you use the whole brain of your whole workforce?

“Your best note is a high B-flat. So Louisiana Hayride was musically arranged so that [Nanette Fabray's] last words 'Louisiana Hay-ri-de' were all on a B-flat. My best note! Think of the time and effort it takes for somebody to do that!… Roger Edens knew. And he made the arrangements for Louisiana Hayride around my high B-flat.”

from Get Aboard! the Band Wagon, timecode: 28:33-29:30

Whether we pull examples of cross-disciplinary insight from song & dance or sushi, exceptional results come from dozens if not hundreds of 'little' bits that add up to radically more than the sum of the parts.
Roger Edens, music arranger
The nuances defining mastery are typically unreported by mass media, so if you truly want to be the best, embrace the reality that you'll be highly counter-cultural. Just by:
  • » sticking to standards
  • » defining, expecting and receiving disciplined performance
from your entire supply chain and value-delivery networks, you'll encourage many and enrage a few. As an exceptional performer in the optimum sense, embrace this modern-day topsy-turvy reality: in today's age of the perpetually offended, if someone's not upset, you're probably not doing your job. Consistent excellence comes from consistent change and it's as true as when my Grandmother first said it: no one but a baby likes change and they'll often fuss anyway!

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