February 2014

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"Gratitude, self-surrender, enjoyment of the Divine presence – these are the dispositions that make you a contemplative. The experience of God’s presence and action within you leads to a greater and greater capacity to see this action in everybody else and throughout the cosmos. It creates a marvelous open-mindedness toward all the truth. God then has the freedom to enrich you as he wills and as he has planned in incredible detail."

Begin Lent on Retreat with Centering Prayer, Welcoming Prayer and the Forgiveness Prayer

Space is still available.

Lean into Lent with Mary Dwyer and Pamela Begeman
March 9-14, 2014
St. Mary's Sewanee, Sewanee, TN
Go here for more info and to register.  
Partial scholarships are available.

A full list of retreats can be found on our online calendar, including Lectio Divina, Welcoming Prayer and special events.  The calendar is updated weekly.  You can also find events listed on these various local Contemplative Outreach websites.

A Path into Divine Love:  Celebrating 30 Years of Grace & Gratitude

image courtesy of Pat JelleyDuring our 30th anniversary year, we are partnering with our long-term friends at Spirituality & Practice to offer a year-long online program to celebrate the grace of contemplative practice and contemplative life – the world in which God can – and does – anything. 

A series of new e-courses is being offered called A Path into Divine Love:  Celebrating 30 years of Grace & Gratitude - in addition to a new opportunity to stay connected to a spiritual community for a whole year.  Over this year we will be a virtual community of worldwide spiritual companions learning practices together and sharing our responses to scripture, teachings and each other.

The year-long subscription for $225 includes the following retreats and community support. Two online retreats are during the liturgical cycles of Lent and Advent, while the other three retreats focus on practices that assist in living the contemplative life. Between the month-long e-courses, subscribers will receive a weekly reading for discussion in an online Practice Group. Click on the title to read more about each part of this program. If the year-long program is not feasible for you, you will be able to take individual e-courses for $49.95 each but the individual courses do not include the Word of the Week Yearlong Practice Group. Partial scholarships are available for the year-long program and for individual retreats.  Subscribe to the yearlong program here, or to an individual ecourse by clicking on the course titles above.

image courtesy of Pat Jelley


Join in the 22nd United in Prayer Day - March 15

United in PrayerIn celebration of the 30th anniversary of Contemplative Outreach, please join together across the planet and with a local Centering Prayer community for the 22nd annual United in Prayer Day on Saturday, March 15, a day of bonding the human family together in prayer and fellowship. Read more.  To find out if a United in Prayer Day gathering is happening near you, visit our Community section to find your local contacts.  Or try these local websites.

You can also participate in this day of prayer on your own, virtually, by following a similar retreat schedule and watching the special video enrichment online.  Find more details here.

In addition, a live, one‐hour teleconference with Gail Fitzpatrick‐Hopler, Fr. Carl Arico, and Fr.Thomas Keating will be held on Tuesday, March 18th at 8 p.m. ET (7 p.m. CT, 6 pm, MT,5 p.m. PT). This will be a celebration of our global prayer community, with reflections on the DVD teachings, as well as an opportunity for Q&A and sharing. An mp3 recording of the call will be available for those who cannot attend the live call. Call details will be posted soon.

Q&A with Fr. Carl Arico Fr. Carl Arico

Q: I have been doing Centering Prayer for many years. I have found it useful at 3:00 a.m. when St. Teresa of Avila says Imagination is the fool of the House.  This morning I sat in my chair and started with my sacred word Abba. Immediately I heard the voice of a man singing softly.  The song was about angels. Shortly the words stopped and there was only tone. Also I felt very light of body. As I say I have been doing meditation and contemplation for about forty years and this is a first. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
A:  Read Fr. Carl's response.

Q: Can you tell me similarities or differences between what happens in 'The Jesus Prayer' where the mind moves into the heart leading to the Hesychast experience, and Centering Prayer?  Are there different benefits? Are different parts of the brain utilized? How might the life of the practitioner of each method be different, i.e. spiritual differences?
A:  Read Fr. Carl's response.

See the archive of previous Q&A’s.  Please submit your questions about contemplative practices, the spiritual journey and the contemplative life to Fr. Carl by emailing Pamela Begeman.


Save the Date:  The annual conference of Contemplative Outreach Ltd will be September 25-28, 2014, Deauville Resort Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, "Celebrating 30 Years of Grace & Gratitude." Registration begins May 1.  More information can be found here.

The latest issue of The Contemplative Outreach News is now available online.  Find it on the website> Resources>Newsletters, where you’ll also find a complete archive of past newsletters.  Support the newsletter by donating here.

Article submissions are being accepted for the June 2014 issue.  Please share your stories and experiences of your spiritual journey with our worldwide community of contemplatives.  Email your articles by March 17.

Contemplative Outreach has a new video feature on our website homepage for 2014. It's called "Voices of Grace & Gratitude." These short video clips of a minute or so are joyful expressions of grace and gratitude from the worldwide community of Contemplative Outreach for the gift of Centering Prayer in their lives and its meaning for all creation. A new video will be presented every Monday.  Spanish translations of the transcripts are available

The new film, "The Rising Tide of Silence," featuring the life and teachings of Fr. Thomas Keating, will be showing at the following dates and locations:
* Los Angeles, CA:  Friday March 7th - Thursday March 13th, Laemmle Music Hall, 9036 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, 310.478.3836
* New York, NY:  Friday April 4th - Thursday April 10th, QUAD Cinema, 34 W 13th Street, New York City, 212.255.2243.

DVDs of this film will be offered for sale toward the end of March.  Click here to view the trailer.

Voices of the Community

image courtesy of Ron Barnett

Lessons, by Deb Neal Johnston.  "The Real only comes to some- to those listening. To those who can endure the fathomless silence, starting first in your core, then spreading throughout the room, through shut windows. ..." Read more.

Stillness and Centering Prayer, by Richard R. Hawkins.  "Jesus urges his followers to build on rock and not on sand (Mt. 7.24 – 27).   In South Africa we have some unfortunate experiences with Rural Development Project housing, poorly constructed and often lacking adequate foundations.   Jesus could just as well have used this as the source for his illustration! What is the rock on which we need to build our spiritual house? ..."  Read more.  
Please email reflections about your spiritual journey, contemplative life, or daily practice to Pamela Begeman for consideration.  See the archive of previous articles.


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