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MDQuit's 6th Annual Best Practices Conference -

January 19, 2012

Save the date!  This year's Best Practices Conference will be held at the Sheraton Columbia Town Center Hotel on Thursday, January 19, 2012.  This year's conference will focus on smoking among persons with behavioral health issues, as well as trends in Maryland tobacco use over the past decade (including the increase in little cigar use among Maryland's youth).  Dr. Carlo DiClemente, Director of MDQuit, will present the opening keynote, and we are pleased to announce that our invited keynote speakers will be Dr. Judith Prochaska from the University of California, San Francisco, and Dr. Lillian Eby from the University of Georgia.  Watch your inbox for an email blast announcing registration procedures -- and be sure to sign up as a user on mdquit.org to receive all of our email communications!

Check Out These Updated Pages on MDQuit.org !

We have been working hard to update information on our redesigned website since its launch in July 2011.  Here's a sampling of some of the updated pages, as well as a new section on brief interventions:

Our revamped School-Based Programs page in the Prevention section of our website provides brief information about several empirically-supported tobacco prevention programs appropriate for a variety of grade levels.

To learn more about smoking and mental illness or other co-morbid substance use disorders, visit our recently updated Co-occurring Disorders pages (here, and here) under Special Populations.  These pages provide the most recent information on tobacco use and smoking statistics, associated myths concerning smoking cessation treatment, and best practices for brief interventions for these populations.

Our website now includes a new section on Brief Interventions and the 5 A's, which contains tips for success in talking with smokers about change, as well as effectiveness data on the 5 A's intervention model.

Be sure to check out the new and improved mdquit.org and all of its news and information.  We'll highlight more of our updated pages in our next e-newsletter. 

Graphic Labeling Requirement On Hold

The FDA's requirement for graphic warning labels on cigarette packaging is on hold until the lawsuit filed by tobacco companies against the requirement is resolved.  U.S. District Judge Richard Leon's belief that the tobacco companies will succeed in their efforts against the labeling prompted him to block the requirement.  Resolution of the lawsuit could take years. 


DHMH Holds Kickoff Meeting for New Cigar Campaign

On December 7, 2011, MDQuit hosted an event to launch a new statewide educational media campaign from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH).  The campaign – The Cigar Trap – aims at increasing awareness among parents, decision-makers and community stakeholders about the prevalence and danger of youth cigar use.  The ice cream truck image and tag line, “No matter how they sugarcoat it. . . cigars kill,” illustrates that although cigarillos and little cigars are cheap and come in seemingly harmless fruit and candy flavors, cigars are addictive and as toxic as cigarettes.  The State of Maryland wants to prevent youth from falling into a lifelong trap of addiction after trying these appealing products.  The media campaign launched on December 19, 2011 and will extend through January 15, 2012.  Radio ads, transit ads, billboard ads will all be placed.  A toolkit, a new website – www.TheCigarTrap.com, and Facebook page (facebook.com/TheCigarTrap, please visit and ‘like us’ on facebook) were created to complement the paid media.

Check out this link on mdquit.org for a summary of the meeting and to download slides from the presentations.

Is Smoking Really Worth the Cost??

In this season of spending, smokers may not realize just how much of their holiday budget is spent on cigarettes. In fact, if they were aware of the long-term cost of the habit, they would likely be amazed -- and the knowledge may just help to motivate them to make a quit attempt.  These calculators are available on the American Cancer Society's website -- the first shows the cumulative cost of smoking based on length of time smoking and number of cigarettes smoked per day, and the second shows the total number of cigarettes smoked over that same period.  Share these with a smoker you know -- they're a real eye-opener!


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