When is the last time you thought deep down about what you wanted to do and actually did it?

Have More Hope this Year

I’m sure that you’ve already decided on (or decided against) your personal resolutions for the new year. So, instead of boring you with the same old start of the year messages, I’ve decided to focus on four simple steps to make your life a more hopeful, rewarding, and happy one. If you’re ready to make little changes with big impact, read on.

1. Learn Something New

There are a multitude of inexpensive or free classes, seminars, and programs hosted by independent and religious organizations (some even offer food!). Check out your local community education or even investigate auditing opportunities at your alma mater. 

2. Take Care of Yourself

Isn’t it about time that you did something good for yourself? This doesn’t necessarily mean joining a health club or reinstating your resolution to run 5 miles every day. It could be as simple as cleaning out your car, doing 20 pushups every once in a while, or taking a bubble bath. No matter how unpredictable your day becomes, don’t ever let your life become wholly sacrificial—treat yourself to something calm or nurturing that you want!

3. Reacquaint Yourself with Your Goals

What exactly is most important to you in life? Never lose sight of your values and your reason for being there, for working so hard, and for caring. If you’re employed, continue to look for ways to align your work to your skills and goals. If you’re searching for work, never allow yourself to feel so desperate that you settle for something that doesn’t feel right. Thinking in the short term often results in future limitations.

4. Feast on Some Local Culture—For Free!

Don’t let a limited budget stop you, your friends, or your family from seeing some amazing art, history, music, live performances, etc. Take advantage of the long list of free cultural events that the Twin Cities has to offer, starting this week!

Free Thursday Nights
Free First Saturday of the Month


Always free!

Free Tuesday Evenings

Keep up the motivation and hard work. But, most importantly, have fun.

Margaret Smith
Founder, UXL: Creating Successful Leaders

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