Who motivates you better at work - a tough, aggressive leader or an encouraging, supportive coach?

Is There Room for Kindness in Leadership?

Is being kind part of your leadership brand?
The way you appear at work—as an authentic leader—affects the way your company appears, as well as your own brand. If you’re a leader, the stakes are even higher. Now we’re talking about a “Leadership Brand” as well as a “Personal Brand.” But what exactly is a Leadership Brand? Read on to find out.
As a leader, the way you act is constantly leaving an impression on those with whom you interact. We all have a personal brand, and this brand is based on our actions. When you’re a leader, these actions are paramount to the mood, expectations, and productivity of an organization.
Often, I find that leaders are liable to fall prey to the myth that leaders don’t have to abide by the same behavioral rules as the rest of the organization. It’s easy to chalk up a difference in behaviors and emotional awareness to different levels of leadership, but this tendency is a huge mistake.
Thinking this way also results in an undermining of your team and organizational environment. As a leader, how you act and promote respect is even more important than that of others below you.

Not only does your leadership brand set the expectation for the actions of others, it also reflects your organization and extends your company brand.
In addition, acting rude or disrespectful to your fellow employees can actually cost you sales and customers.

The Case for Kindness

Leading with Kindness and Respect Results In:

  • Teams that also act with respect and kindness
  • A better personal brand
  • A stronger company brand
  • Improved leadership due to approachability and trust
  • More advocates and individuals you want you to succeed.

5 Immediate Kindness Killers:

  1. Deception of Employees: Always proceed with honesty and transparency and never lie to employees.
  2. Secrets Don’t Make Friends (or good business): Never turn to secrecy as a way to maintain power. This terrible habit hampers others’ work, creates resentment, and fosters gossip.
  3. Choosing Favorites Over Fairness: If even leadership is bias, employees lose faith and loyalty in their organization and leadership.
  4. Taking Over Employee Projects: Micromanagement kills employee motivation and build distrust. Always set goals that are challenging yet realistic, and encourage your team without taking over.
  5. Failing to Follow Through: Not only are you destroying your brand, you’re also suggesting that it’s ok to ignore your messages and setting a bad example.
Interested in learning more about how you can take hold of your leadership brand and achieve better production and happier employees without stepping on toes or being the evil boss? Contact me today to learn more about improving your leadership brand.
Keep up the motivation and hard work. But, most importantly, have fun.

Margaret Smith
Founder, UXL: Creating Successful Leaders

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