Will you let us be Silenced?

Will you let MDCAN be silenced?
We have filed and our awaiting our 501c4 status. 
We have been waiting since November.

Will you let our voice be silenced by our now openly oppressive government?

There are new regulations that the IRS would like to impose upon us..
They would prohibit us from sponsoring candidate debates and possibly even from political debates at all within 60 days of a general election. 
Unions will be exempt.
We would also be forced to remove all mention of any candidates names from any of our online or otherwise public publications.
We could not do any GOTV efforts or encourage civic actions within specified time frames.
Once again unions will be exempt.

In other words..  The entire reason why MDCAN filed to become a 501c4... 
To create online petitions to fight bad bills, to teach our activists how to be better activists, to learn how to fight effectively...
will be for nothing.

Will you let our voice be silenced?
sign the petition
write a letter to the editor
call the talk radio shows
Reference IRS REG-134417-13 when you do
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