IMJ Leadership Newsflash
August 2017
A Conversation with Ai Weiwei
Ai Weiwei Limited Edition

On the occasion of Ai Weiwei's participation in the IMJ 2017 International Council, we are very pleased to announce that Weiwei has agreed to create our 2017 Limited Edition “Hands without Bodies.” This life-sized work, in celadon-glazed porcelain, reflects the importance of relationships between people and parties. It will be produced for us in a signed and numbered edition of 50. Click here for additional details.

Ai Weiwei's "Hands without Bodies"

Should you be interested in acquiring “Hands without Bodies,” please be in touch with Laura Gilinski, Deputy Director for Development and International Relations. She will be happy to hear from you at or at +972-2-670-8098.  
For additional IMJ Limited editions, please click here.   
International Friends Events:
What's on Next
October 9 – Sukkot Open House, Jerusalem

**New - English Track | Hebrew Track | Family Track**

For details and to register, please contact Laura Gilinski.

August 28-29 – On August 28 Dead Sea Scrolls Curator and Head of the Shrine of the Book Dr. Adolfo Roitman will give a talk on The Demoniacal Origin of Evil in Ancient Judaism at the Academy of Science and Faith at the Pontifical University, Mexico. 
On August 29, Adolfo will give a talk hosted by the Mexican Friends of the Israel Museum on From the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Nano Bible at Mexico City Hebraica. Click here for the invitation. For details please contact Laura Gilinski at the IM. 
September 7-10 – South African Friends Johannesburg Art Fair VIP Program; for details please contact Sarin Goott at our South African Friends. 
September 7-11 – Italian Friends curator-led Venice Biennale Trip; for last-chance registration, please contact Judith Amselem at the IM. 
September 14 – Gallery talk and reception with curator and author Ada Karmi-Melamede launching Social Construction: Modern Architecture in British Mandate Palestine at the Yale School of Architecture, New Haven. Talk will be followed by reception and book signing. For details please click here or contact Kelly Calanni at our American Friends. 
October 2 – American Friends CELEBRACION Fall Gala, New York. This year's gala will highlight the Israel Museum’s Latin American art treasures, which reflect a vast geographical and cultural breadth. For details please contact Kelly Calanni at our American Friends. 
October 15 – Director Emeritus and International President of the International Council James S. Snyder will give the keynote address at the Art Market Budapest 2017 "Day of Israeli Art," at which Israel is this year's guest of honor. Click here for more information. 

October 23 – Israeli Friends Secrets and Seeds Gala, Jerusalem. This year's gala will offer unique and surprising encounters with artists and Museum curators in the Museum's galleries. Click here for the invitation. For details please contact Director of our Israeli Friends Lea Rotstein
October 25 – German Friends Bridging the Gap Dialogue Series, Hamburg. This second event will be on the topic of Political Correctness: from Concept of Value to Swearword?  
Click here to see a video of the Bridging the Gap dialogue series kick-off event. For details please contact Magdalena Backhaus of our German Friends. 
November 3 – Veiled Meanings: Fashioning Jewish Dress, from the collection of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem exhibition opening at the Jewish Museum, New York. For details please contact Natalie Hernandez at our American Friends. 
November 13 – Canadian Friends Montreal reception at "Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal" in conjunction with the Museum’s exhibit A Crack in Everything on the life and work of Leonard Cohen. For details please contact Pearl Berman at our Canadian Friends. 
November 27 – Swiss Friends Gala, Zurich; for details please contact Lori Spector at our Swiss Friends. 
January 16 – BFAMI Gala Dinner and Auction, London; for details please contact Michelle Hyman at our British Friends. 
January 18 – American Friends Palm Beach Benefit; for details please contact Kelly Calanni at our American Friends. 
February 24 – American Friends West Coast Gala, Los Angeles; for details please contact Kelly Calanni at our American Friends.

February 1-4, 2018 – International Executive Council, Vienna

June 3-6, 2018 – International Council, Jerusalem
Summer Activities for the Whole Family
@ the IMJ

The Art of Escape

The Museum Turns into the Biggest Escape Room in Israel

The Israel Museum, Cagliostro the magician, and writer Mayan Rogel change escape room rules in a thrilling game that takes place throughout the entire Museum. The game combines classical escape room elements–riddles, puzzles and opening doors–with a sweeping story that leads the visitors on an extraordinary tour around the Museum. Players use a special map to move through the game and view objects and treasures from fresh new perspectives. Ends August 25. August 6-25 | excluding Saturdays and Aug 22nd 

Activity Yard: From the Urban Jungle to the Home

Interactive stations invite participants to play, learn, experiment, and encounter the world of these beloved animals. August 2-29: Sun, Mon, Thurs 10 am- 4 pm | Tues, Wed 10 am - 7 pm | Fri 10 am - 1 pm 

Tours for the Whole Family

My Family and other Animals: A tour of the Museum inspired by the Cats & Dogs exhibition | 11 am  
Maybe, Maybe Not: How Do You Say That in Chinese? A short lecture (followed by a tour) on the works of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei | 1 pm August, Sun – Fri  

Recycling Workshop: Woof + Meow = Wow!

A variety of materials are transformed into objects from the world of cats and dogs 
15 NIS | August 2-29: Sun, Mon, Thurs 10 am- 4 pm | Tues, Wed 10 am  - 3 pm, 4 pm - 7 pm | Aug 22 1 am - 4 pm 

Woof and Meow!

A Celebration of Cats and Dogs for the Whole Family
Come and meet pets through stories, performances, art workshops, special lectures, films, music. August 22 | 5 pm – 9 pm 

Illustration Library

Meetings with authors and illustrators
  • Aug 20-24 Art Meets a Story with Michal Kerer
  • 27-31 Story and Movement with Elite Etrog-Hyman

See times, dates and further information »

Soon on Display

Tashlikh, Eastern Europe, early 20th century. Unknown photographer. Yudovin Collection. Photographic Archive of the Isidore and Anne Falk Information Center for Jewish Art and Life. 

Time to Rejoice: Tishrei Holidays through the Camera Lens – This new exhibition examines the holidays and rituals practiced during the Hebrew month of Tishrei–namely Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot–through the lens of contemporary Israeli photographers. These photographs, most from the archives of the Museum's Isidore and Anne Falk Information Center, document this month's rituals and customs of celebrations in different communities around the world. Exhibition opens September 18. 
In the Labs

2,000 year-old Bar Kohkba Rebellion leather waterskin

2,000 Year-Old Bar Kokhba Rebellion Leather Waterskin – For the past six months, the Conservation Laboratory for Metal and Organic Materials at the Israel Museum has had the privilege of housing this special guest from the "Cave of Letters" located in the Judean desert and affiliated with the Bar Kokhba rebellion. Whereas waterskins were originally created to contain liquids like water or wine, when archaeologist Yigael Yadin found this one while excavating the "Cave of Letters" in the early sixties, it held balls of wool, jewelry, clothing, small glass vessels, wooden cosmetics utensils, whorls, and a packet of letters written on papyrus. Some of these letters were written by Shimon Bar Kokhba, leader of the second Jewish revolt against the Romans in 132 CE, to his subordinates. 
Previously treated in the 60s, and after a period of rest in the Museum's storage rooms, this waterskin will replace another similar container currently displayed in the Roman gallery after the lab exchanged the hay-filled inner support with stable conservation-grade materials. Frail areas of the leather that were at risk of loss were supported with a Japanese tissue backing and a fully reversible and very flexible compatible adhesive. This lab treatment will extend the object's life and amazing story for all our Museum audiences. 

Last Chance to View

From New Sounds: Purim Noisemakers by Yaacov Kaufman. Photo © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem by Elie Posner

No Place Like Home – An ironing board becomes absurd and threatening, the doors of a house are displaced, a glass of beer sprouts a tail. Artists transform domestic objects in order to change our relationship with them and to provoke a fresh response to the familiar. Exhibition closes August 19. In the Press>>  

Venetian Splendor: Marking 500 Years of the Venice Ghetto – Marking the anniversary of the world's first institutionalized ghetto established in 1516 in Venice, a selection of ceremonial objects created in Venice and used throughout Italy is displayed along the Museum's Synagogue Route. These opulent, beautifully crafted objects demonstrate the contrast between the harsh conditions of the ghetto and the richness of its cultural and spiritual life. Exhibition closes August 28.  
New Sounds: Purim Noisemakers by Yaacov Kaufman – A colorful, diverse, and amusing series of 150 noisemakers made of disposable utensils, basic materials, and found objects that capture the joyous atmosphere of Purim. Exhibition closes on September 9.   
Paul Gauguin's The Fire Dance (Upa upa) – The Fire Dance (Upa upa) will be on display at the Art Institute of Chicago until Sept. 10, and will be on display at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris Oct. 9, 2017-Jan. 21, 2018 as part of the traveling exhibition Gauguin: Artist as Alchemist.  
Travelling Exhibitions + On Loan

IMJ exhibition Social Construction: Modern Architecture in British Mandate Palestine, soon to open at the Yale School of Architecture. Photo © Israel Museum, Jerusalem, by Elie Posner

Leipzig, Germany: June 18-Sept. 24, 2017 – Originally exhibited at the IMJ, New Types: Three Pioneers of Graphic Design is on display at the Museum für Druckkunst Leipzig (the Printing Museum in Leipzig). In the Press>>  

New Haven, USA:  Aug. 31-Nov. 19, 2017 – Social Construction: Modern Architecture in British Mandate Palestine, a traveling exhibition of the IMJ Department of Architecture and Design, will be on display at the Yale School of Architecture.  
Bologna, Italy: October 15; Rome, Italy, March 2018 – Dada and Surrealism, originally on display at the IMJ, will open at the Palazzo Albergati in Bologna on October 15 and at the Complesso Vittoriano in Rome during March 2018. 
NYC, USA:  Nov. 3-March 18, 2018 – Veiled Meanings: Fashioning Jewish Dress will be on display at the Jewish Museum, New York.  

Please contact Laura Gilinski to coordinate a program involving IMJ loans.

IMJ Around the World

Mexico City, Mexico

Dr. Adolfo Roitman in Mexico City, Mexico,  Aug. 28-29 & Madrid, Spain, Oct. 5, 9, 10  – Kicking off the 70th year of their discovery, Dead Sea Scrolls Curator and Head of the Shrine of the Book,  Dr. Adolfo Roitman will become an honorary member of the Academy of Science and Faith at the Pontifical University in Mexico. In honor of this event, Adolfo will give a talk on The Demoniacal Origin of Evil in Ancient Judaism.  

On August 29, Adolfo will join the Mexican Friends of the Israel Museum to give a talk on From the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Nano Bible at Mexico City Hebraica. Click here for the invitation. 

Adolfo will also be a guest lecturer at the University of Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid—details to follow. 
Dr. Amitai Mendelsohn in NYC, USA, Oct. 1-8 – Senior Curator, Head of the David Orgler Department of Israeli Art Amitai Mendelsohn will also be attending the AFIM CELEBRACION Fall Gala in NYC on October 2.  
Gioia Perugia in Venice, Italy, Oct. 15-19 – Storage and Collection Manager of the Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Wing for Jewish Art and Life, Gioia Perugia will give a talk on Pacifico Levi: A Jewish silversmith from Turin in the early 19th century and present a silver object of Italian provenance from the Museum collection as part of the Association of European Jewish Museums (AEJM). 
Efrat Assaf-Shapira  in  NYC, USA, Oct. 24 - Nov 2 – Jewish Art and Life Wing curator Efrat Assaf-Shapira will oversee the installation of Veiled Meanings: Fashioning Jewish Dress - From the Collection of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, at the Jewish Museum, New York. 
Noam Gal in Istanbul, Turkey, Sept.15-17  – IMJ Photography Curator Noam Gal will attend the Contemporary Istanbul Biennial. IMJ International Council participants Contemporary Istanbul Founder and Chairman Ali Güreli, Vice Chairperson Rabia Güreli, and Executive Committee Member Prof. Hasan Bülent Kahraman extend a heartfelt invitation to IMJ international leadership to attend Contemporary Istanbul 2017. Click here for the invitation. 
If you are planning to attend Contemporary Istanbul, please let us know. 

Please contact Laura Gilinski to coordinate events or meetings with our curators or staff.

Recent Events

Canadian Friends POP-UP Museum, Toronto. From left to right: CFIM Toronto Co-Chair Darren Sukonick, International Council Co-Chair Maureen Cogan, Israel Museum Deputy Director of International Relations and Development Laura Gilinski, CFIM Toronto Co-Chair Caurie Glickman, CFIM National Co-Chair Wendy Eisen, Director Emeritus and International President of the International Council James Snyder, CFIM Toronto Co-Chair Tamara Fine, CFIM National Director Pearl Berman, and CFIM National Co-Chair Elliott Eisen.

Austrian Friends Gala and International Program, Salzburg – Austrian Friends founding Chair Thaddaeus Ropac and Co-Chair Sylvia Liska brought some 75 international friends together for this sixth annual gathering during the Salzburg Festival (July 27–29). Highlights of the rich program included the premiere of the La clemenza di Tito opera by Mozart, a welcome dinner at the famous Goldener Hirsch Restaurant hosted by Sylvie Liska, and a Gala Dinner and auction, which took place at the Haus für Mozart. The three-day program included exhibition previews and openings; meetings with artists; and lunches graciously hosted by Richard Feigen and Isabelle Harnoncourt-Feigen, and Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac. 
In honor of our Austrian Friends, Kasperskian Caviar will donate 20% of your purchase to the Israel Museum. Please visit the Kasperskian Webshop and enter voucher code IsraelMuseum when placing your order. Delivery to Europe and Switzerland only. Kasperskian Caviar on Instagram>
Canadian Friends POP-UP Museum, Toronto – On Wednesday, August 9, CFIM created a POP-UP Museum at an exceptional custom-built home by Matthew Sapera Fine Homes. Over 300 people attended the "One Night Only" event, which featured 42 pieces including works by Helen Frankenthaler, Auguste Renoir, and Henri Matisse, on loan from more than 20 of Toronto's finest art collections. 
American Friends Aspen Trip – A group of 30 AFIM supporters traveled to Aspen from August 6-9, and enjoyed three art-filled days organized by Jill Bernstein. The program included a number of private collection viewings, an opening dinner at the home of Eleanor and Domenico De Sole, lunches hosted by Barbara and Bruce Berger and Marilyn and Larry Fields, and visits to the Aspen Art Museum, Baldwin Gallery, and Marianne Boesky Gallery. Athena Art Finance Corp. and Phillips hosted the group for dinner at Casa Tua on Monday, August 7 and the group was joined by local collectors for a dinner hosted by Jill and Jay Bernstein on Tuesday, August 8.

Short and Sweet

Anna Italian Cafe's “cloud-like” potato gnocchi with crème fraiche, tomato, and asparagus.

 The New York Times featured the lauded Anna Italian Cafe Dualis social entrepreneurship venture, supported by the Israel Museum and housed in its Ticho House. "One of the first things you see when you arrive at Anna, an Italian restaurant in the heart of Jerusalem, is a still life of ingredients: a basket of kohlrabi, a bowl of olives and confited garlic cloves, pots of fresh herbs arranged artfully on the pass. The tableau is a fitting tribute to the place." In the Press>>

Ran Tal's documentary The Museum premiered at the international Jerusalem Film Festival in July. The film observes, examines, and ponders Israel’s most important cultural institution, following the visitors, observing the observers, listening to the speakers, and descending to the storerooms, labs, and conference rooms. The singing security guard; the Jerusalemite curator; the Haredi kashrut inspector; the Palestinian guide; and the visitor who lost her vision are just some of the characters that take part in a chain of activities which add up to the Museum. In the Press>>

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