Cinnafilm 2016 Fall Preview
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The Storm is Coming

This is an exciting time to be in the video business! The advent of GPU-enabled cloud compute is changing the landscape of how we do business in M&E, and the trend is only growing. With the acquisition of (NVIDIA-powered) Elemental in 2015, Amazon signaled to the world that GPU cloud compute was a roadmap they were betting on - and we are too.  And in recent weeks, Microsoft announced their new killer Azure GPU offerings - blazingly fast NVIDIA K80s and M60s in a per-minute pricing model.  

The timing of all of this commotion is excellent because Cinnafilm is excited to announce that we have new partnerships for Tachyon processing in the cloud.  Beginning this fall, you will be able to consume Cinnafilm image processing in a variety of ways on virtual machines.

The future is now, and the storm has just begun…  
Cinnafilm Partnerships in the Cloud  

Cinnafilm has a number of new partnerships as well as new cloud announcements with existing partners. For more information, read about all our partner updates in our latest news.

Dalet xN 
What: Tachyon for Dalet xN Standards Converter
When: Q4, 2016.

Comments: “Dalet xN solutions open new business and operational horizons for our customers. As part of that initiative, Dalet xN Standards Converter offers a unique approach to make high-quality standards conversions on-demand in a few clicks. Cinnafilm was an obvious partner for Dalet as Tachyon allows to leverage the GPU capabilities of AWS Marketplace instances and deliver high throughput conversions.” 
- Matthieu Fasani, Senior Products Manager, Dalet 
What: Tachyon for enterprise-grade applications
When: Beta until November 1, 2016.
More Info:

Comments: " is excited to integrate Cinnafilm's award-winning Tachyon software into its suite of media processing engines.   High quality standards conversions has long been a feature request from our broadcast customers and it often considered one the final media processing workflows to move to the cloud.  Customers can now elegantly automate the standards conversion workflow along with the same cloud API that handles transcoding, packaging, DRM, steam conditioning, and QC." – Gregg Heil, CEO,

Ortana Media Group 
What: Tachyon for Click2Encode
When: Q4, 2016.
More Info: 

Comments:  â€œTachyon is an industry standard for high-quality format and standards conversion, and the integration within the Cubix platform allows us to offer our clients full orchestration of GPU-based image processing via the Tachyon CLi. Now that this integration is complete it allows us to branch out into a truly transactional process via our Click2encode platform utilising cloud-based virtual machines, meaning you pay minute by minute for your encodes.” – Adam Welsh, Partner, OMG

What: Tachyon for SDVI Rallyâ„¢
When: Q4, 2016.
More Info:

Comments: "We’re delighted to add support for Tachyon to the SDVI Rally platform, continuing to make the best-of-breed tools available to our customers on a consumption basis. The addition of Tachyon will bring the best standards and frame rate conversion and frame correction tools to our growing community of Rally users.” – Simon Eldridge, Chief Product Officer, SDVI

Telestream Cloud 
What: Tachyon for Telestream Cloud
When: Q4, 2016.
More Info:

Comments: "Telestream is pleased to announce that Cinnafilm's Tachyon video processing technology is now available on Telestream Cloud. Tachyon video processing is available as an option within any Telestream Cloud encoding preset; this includes AVC, HEVC, HLS, DASH, Apple ProRes and others. Tachyon provides the best motion compensated frame rate conversion, de-interlacing, rescaling, inverse telecine and cadence correction in the industry” said Shawn Carnahan, CTO Telestream. "We’re excited to be the first cloud encoding service to fully leverage this technology to its potential.”

Telestream Vantage Cloud 
What: A virtual instance of Telestream Vantage with Tachyon
When: Available NOW 
More Info:   
 Product Updates

The new Tachyon v7 is released now, and incorporates additional tuning to our motion compensation algorithms.  Tachyon motion compensation settings are now more granular than ever. Previously leveraging only scene-level analysis, Tachyon now analyzes each frame for ideal motion compensation settings, ensuring artifact prevention based on both the source/target frame rates and the level of motion within each scene.   This added layer of analytics ensures that frame rate conversions have even better output quality, especially with difficult low frame rate conversions.  
Dark Energy

The new Dark Energy for Transcoders v3.0 (GA release 9-30-2016) will include Chroma Noise Removal, bringing a fourth value proposition to the leading denoise technology available for the transcoding pipeline.  Dark Energy plugin is the newest technology from Cinnafilm’s world-renowned, cinematic tool chest of algorithms, repurposed for pipeline image processing to make an incredible impact on your outgoing, compressed deliverables:
  • Remove Chroma Noise from tape transfers
  • Reduce bitrate by 30%-50% in the 7-20 megabit range (H.264, MPEG-2 CODECs)
  • Denoise images for optimal mezzanine and masters
  • The ultimate resolution interchange solution, providing high-quality SD-HD, HD-UHD resolution interchange
Click here for more information.
[NEW] Dark Energy Coming to HS-Art DIAMONT-Film Restoration

Cinnafilm and HS-Art are pleased to announce a new partnership to bring the automated Dark Energy plugin to HS-Art’s Diamont film restoration suite.  Visit HS-Art at IBC 2016, stand 5.C41 to learn more about the incredible introductory price for early adopters!

HS-Art DIAMONT-Film Restoration 
What: Dark Energy plugin for Diamont
When: October, 2016.
More Info:

Comments: “We are adding Dark Energy Pro as one of the best noise/grain management tools available on the market to the DIAMANT-Film Restoration software to create the best possible full-featured film restoration workflow.” - Franz Hoeller, HS-ART
Custom Solutions

Cinnaflim now has a Tachyon Command Line Tool available for client's who require custom solutions in their facilities, and it is available now for Windows and soon on Linux. The command line tool passes and returns uncompressed frames, and can be scripted to be connected, for example, to Cinnafilm's DPX read/write engine for fast and simple raw processing, or to the H264 encode option on the NVidia GPUs themselves.
For further information contact:
Cinnafilm Events This Fall

Cinnafilm at IBC 2016
Please visit these valued Partners at IBC in September to learn more about Tachyon and Dark Energy:

Dalet - Stand 8.B77
Imagine Communications - Atrium at the front of the RAI
Ortana Media Group - 8.B38
Root6 - Stand 7.E21
SDVI - at  AWS Stand 5.C80
Telestream  - Stand 7.B26

Wohler - Stand 8.D56 (Information only, no demo)

To meet with a Cinnafilm representative in Amsterdam, please contact

Cinnafilm at SMPTE 2016
Cinnafilm will be showing off new versions of the Tachyon and Dark Energy Plugins at SMPTE 2016 in Los Angeles.

To see a live demo, visit us at Booth 120 during the exhibitor hours:

Tuesday, 25 October 2016 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM (Evening Reception)
Wednesday, 26 October 2016 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Thursday, 27 October 2016 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

If you want to meet with us while we are in LA, please drop us a line.

From the Desk of the CEO

Lance Maurer is rarely short on opinions, especially when it comes to GPU cloud compute. Get a sneak preview of his latest thoughts:
“As we begin to grind away in the cloud with testing, processing, and even more testing, it is still somewhat unclear what the best approach will be for selecting big cloud provider compute. That said, I’m happy to share some of the knowledge we have gained in the past year as we have worked to stand these solutions up with our partners.”  Click here to read more...
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