Welcome all, happy Spring! My dye plant seedlings are popping up, warmer weather beckons.

The next in-studio workshop will be the May Backstrap Weaving workshop. This is an exciting one -- it was picked by CedarRoot Folk School (a local cooperative) to be its feature weaving workshop! And to make it more fun, I have an in-studio second day offering too, exploring color-and-weave on the backstrap. We’ll go over some cool “loom dressing” methods that I am itching to try to transfer to my rigid heddle to explore the possibilities.

That means, you can sign up for either or both days; for Saturday, sign up at www.cedarrootfolkschool.org. For the weekend or Sunday, sign up at www.thebellwether.com. And yes, a Studio Sleepover is an option for the weekend workshop, too!

Here are the workshop details …

Explore weaving with the smallest, most portable loom, the backstrap loom. This loom has been in use in South America since weaving began, alongside the humble spindle they spin with. You can learn the basics in one day, or sign up for a full weekend to explore even more.

If you don’t weave yet, or want to freshen your skills, on the first day workshop we will be starting from basics, using our loom itself to make its final piece -- the backstrap! The backstrap loom is simply six sticks, some string, and the backstrap that names the loom. After learning the basics, you can explore weaving cords, scarves, and fabric with this versatile loom.

We will start with a temporary backstrap and in the class, you will weave your own to use with your loom. In the morning we will make warps and get things set-up to weave. In the afternoon we will weave the length of our backstrap, remove it from the loom, and finish the ends. Your backstrap loom will be yours to take, to weave traditional straps, modern scarves, or anything you can imagine.

If you are fired up for the first day, or are an experienced weaver looking to see what can be done with backstrap weaving, on the second day we will explore color-and-weave on the backstrap loom. This class is geared to people who have woven on other looms or who have taken a beginning backstrap weaving class (even the day before!) For those not attending the first day, looms will be available if you do not have a backstrap loom.

On the second morning we will make multi-color warps and learn how to set up for different color effects on the loom. In the afternoon we will weave the length of our fabric, remove it from the loom, and finish the ends. This piece can be used as a backstrap or to make a carrier for your cell-phone and ID.

Whew! Read this far? I am also teaching a new workshop, a Lace Weaving Round Robin on 4h table looms, at The Artful Ewe in Port Gamble on 6/15. Details are on my website and should be on The Artful Ewe’s soon if it isn’t already.

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