You no doubt realized just as I did that it would be hard to get out news of the April workshops amidst the craziness that was March.

So here we are, finishing up Spring Break and the first week of April behind us.  Port Angeleans may have read in the paper that the college is closing their continuing education doors for a few years while they cut back to core 'entrepreneurial' classes. So my venues may be getting a bit more varied and interesting :-) if you have a suggestion of a place that can host a workshop, feel free to let me know. I am building a list of places to call that may have rentable halls and meeting rooms.

Since this is a bit late, I'll include some May classes as well, but if more get scheduled (and there are plans for just that!) there may be another "May Workshop" email to follow. You can always keep up with upcoming workshops on my calendar as well:

April 8 (yesterday, but a makeup could be done to catch up) a new series of Learn to Knit starting, 3-4:30 pm, 4 classes over 9 weeks. $44 (includes some materials)
April 9 (that's today!) a new series of Learn to Knit starting at A Dropped Stitch in Sequim, 2-3:30 pm, 4 classes over 9 weeks. $44 (includes some materials)
April 11 (online -- www.weavolution.com ) Color Theory Basics 6-8 pm $30
April 15 (Sequim) Learn to Knit Cables, at A Dropped Stitch 2-3:30 pm, $15 (you bring materials)
April 16 (Puyallup) Braided Wool Rugs (at the Shepherd's Extravaganza in the Spring Fling) 10am-1pm $40 includes materials
April 16 (Puyallup)  Productive Spindling (at the Shepherd's Extravaganza in the Spring Fling) 2pm-5pm $36 includes materials
April 20 (online -- www.weavolution.com )  Magic Ikat, Rigid Heddle Warping, 6-7:30pm, $35
April 24 (Port Angeles) Warp With Me at the NwRSA meeting (PA Library) 1-3pm $FREE bring a rigid heddle or table loom and 4 oz. of yarn leftovers for this one!
April 29 (Sequim) Learn to Knit Short Rows (a shaping technique), at  a Dropped Stitch 2-3:30 pm, $15 (you bring materials)
April 30 (Port Angeles) Felt a Wool and Silk Scarf, 1-4pm, $45 (includes materials)

May 7, Opulent Art -- this is a finished goods show with lovely vendors! at Sherwood Lodge, 6-8 pm, free to come and look!

May 20-21, NwRSA Conference in Salem, OR, I am teaching four workshops: Lap Spindles, Andean Spindling, The Perfect Woolen, and The Perfect Worsted.
Details at http://www.nwregionalspinners.org/Documents/Conf_2011/Conference%202011%20Brochure.pdf

If there's a topic you'd like to see, I teach privately or small groups by arrangement. For workshop ideas, see the list here:

Arranging a summer party for tweens? Silk Scarf Sun Dyeing can be a fun activity. Contact me to schedule silk-scarf dyeing for your tween-ager's next do.

You can keep up with my calendar by adding it to your own Google calendar: click on the button "+ Google Calendar" on the right-hand corner of the calendar: http://www.thebellwether.biz/calendar.html

Or by "Like"ing Ask The Bellwether on Facebook -- I also enter my classes on the Events page of Ask The Bellwether:

Or, just wait for the next email -- I'll send a notice about any new May and upcoming June classes.

If you have any questions about the classes, just let me know. I'm always happy to provide more details.

Other News...

I've been working through some life changes lately, and am looking for a home for my two llama boys. They are lovely fiber llamas, a rich mahogany (named Mahogany!) and nice black (Garland) halter trained and happy to nuzzle grain from your palm. I'm happy to provide more information if you might be interested.  I'm also clearing out a fair bit of my tools and fiber stash, if you didn't already get a note from me about that and would like information, drop me a line and I'll email you details.

Now, if MailChimp's doing its thing, you'll see how to unsubscribe below. Otherwise, just hit reply and I'll make sure to remove you from the list if that's your request.

You can also forward this email to a friend, if you'd like to let them know about the upcoming workshops, too!

Thank you,
http://www.thebellwether.com/ -- Fiber and Twist make yarn!
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