It's been an eventful summer, though you've not had email from me since my spring workshops -- because I moved!

Home base is now Port Ludlow, in Jefferson County. I'm putting together a terrific class room as fast as I can hammer, look for news of that in early 2012.

The Olympic Peninsula Fiber Farm Tour is coming up, September 17-18.  I'm teaching two workshops at Taylored Fibers' Farm again this year, and I'd love to see you there.

Andean Spindling, Saturday September 17th, 10am-12noon, all materials and tools supplied -- learn how yarn is spun in the Andes! Bottom whorl spindles really do rock, you'll dig the techniques this class teaches. Suitable for wheel or spindle spindles.

Power Spinning Workshop, Saturday September 17th, 2pm-4pm, learn the ins-and-outs of your e-spinner, any model. Don't have one, but are curious? Loaners are available too!

To register for either of these, you can sign up online with the purchase of a spot on thebellwether.com (see Registration if you use your bookmarks)
or email me if you have questions, poetread@gmail.com.

For more details on the Olympic Peninsula Fiber Farm Tour, see http://olypenfiberfarmtour.com/

If there's a future topic you'd like to see, I teach privately or small groups by arrangement.

You can keep up with my calendar by adding it to your own Google calendar: click on the button "+ Google Calendar" on the right-hand corner of the calendar: http://www.thebellwether.biz/calendar.html

Or by "Like"ing Ask The Bellwether on Facebook -- I also enter my classes on the Events page of Ask The Bellwether:

If you have any questions about the classes, just let me know. I'm always happy to provide more details.

Now, if MailChimp's doing its thing, you'll see how to unsubscribe below. Otherwise, just hit reply and I'll make sure to remove you from the list if that's your request.

You can also forward this email to a friend, if you'd like to let them know about the upcoming workshops, too!

Thank you,
Amelia (the Busy Bee!)
http://www.thebellwether.com/ -- Fiber and Twist make yarn!
Can't take a class? See my e-books!

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