It has been a long time coming, due to me being the assistant builder, so I am pleased as punch to say: The Studio is Ready!

If you haven't made plans for this Saturday -- it's short notice, I know! -- come enjoy the Open House, it's 10-4.

And if you'd like a workshop, I'm offering a special workshop for just the cost of materials: Sun Dyeing. Paint a bandana or silk scarf with photosensitive dyes, then lay found objects on it for a unique creation. Bring your wheel, knitting, or favorite handwork to do while your item dries.  We'll dye at 10 or at 2, and I am doing a demonstration at 1 for anyone who happens to stop by just to see it done.

The studio is at 290 Werner Road, Port Ludlow, Washington.  Mapquest gives reasonable directions, or email me at poetread@gmail.com and I will tell you how the locals find it :-) If you have any questions, you can reach me at 360-582-0697.

The new studio means of course I've fired up the calender again:
I have plans through November, though it takes time to get them all up on the Calendar and Facebook -- so if you'd like to see the full list, email me and I will send the PDF brochure your way.

August studio workshops:
25, Saturday, Open House 10-4, Sun Dyeing 10-12 and 2-4
29, Wednesday, Space-Dyeing Yarn or Fiber, 9-12; Ball Dyeing Yarn, 1-4

September studio workshops:
6, 13 & 20 Thursdays, 9-12 Learn to Spin
7, Friday, 9-12 Learn to Knit Socks $25
11 & 25 Tuesdays, 10-* Weave a Scarf -- 11th 10-2 (bring lunch), 25th 10-12

September 15, Saturday, I will be teaching at Taylored Fibers as part of the Olympic Peninsula Fiber Farm Tour.
There are two workshops: 10-12 Learn to Spindle, and 1-3 Fantastic Fringes

September studio workshops continued:
18, Tuesday, 9-12 Sock Machine Basics, and 1-4 First/Fast/Favorite Socks
Sep 21-23, Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby, Oregon, I will be teaching workshops on:
    Learn to Spindle
    Woolen and Worsted on Spindles
    Travelling with Turkish Spindles
    Power Spinning
register for OFFF workshops at flockandfiberfestival.com
September studio workshops conclude with:
27, Thursday, 9-12 Fiber Prep Without Tools
28, Friday, 9-12 Learn to Knit Cables

There is more weaving, spinning, knitting, and fiber prep in October and November.

If there's a topic you'd like to see, I teach privately or small groups by arrangement. I'm still happy to travel to your group to teach, as well.

You can keep up with my calendar by adding it to your own Google calendar: click on the button "+ Google Calendar" on the right-hand corner of the calendar: http://www.thebellwether.biz/calendar.html

Or by "Like"ing Ask The Bellwether on Facebook -- I also enter my classes on the Events page of Ask The Bellwether:

Or, just wait for the next email -- I'll send a notice toward the end of September with the October classes.

If you have any questions about the classes, just let me know. I'm always happy to provide more details.

Now, if MailChimp's doing its thing, you'll see how to unsubscribe below. Otherwise, just hit reply and I'll make sure to remove you from the list if that's your request.

You can also forward this email to a friend, if you'd like to let them know about the upcoming workshops, too!

Thank you,
Amelia (doing her happy dance!)
http://www.thebellwether.com/ -- Fiber and Twist make yarn!
Can't take a class? See my e-books!

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