2013 is already romping along!

January and February focus on picking up new skills. Read to the end for fun spring announcements, too.

Now available:
  • Rent a drum carder in the studio -- $10/hour plus a (refundable) $10 cleaning fee.
  • Schedule a private workshop in studio or via Skype -- $25/hour, find a friend to share your visit or webcam and split the fee
If you are interested in learning to spin on wheel or spindle, or learning to rigid heddle weave, 2 people make a workshop -- contact me, we'll schedule the workshops once there are two.

11, Friday
      9-4 Spin Sock Yarn (on wheel or spindle), $50 
14, Monday
    9-12 Fleece to Yarn (spindle or wheel), $25 
    1-4 Spinning Slippery
Fibers (spindle or wheel), $25 
18, Friday
    9-11 at Bazaar Girls in Port Townsend, Learn to Spindle, $37 includes spindle 
19-20, Saturday-Sunday
    Weaving Weekend, 4 harness loom Basics for Beginners, includes workshop sleepover, breakfast & lunches, $125
21, Monday
    9-12 Spinning Mohair, $50
23, Wednesday
    9-12 Knitting Lace with Mohair, $50
25, Friday
    9-12 Silk on Spindles, $25 
    1-4 Exotic Fiber on Spindles, $25 
28, Monday
    9-12 Weaving Plaid on the Rigid Heddle, $25
    1-4 Open Weaving, $0 (free)

February (will be on the website soon, email if you want me to reserve a spot for you)
1, Friday, 9-4 Rigid Heddle Learn to Weave $50
5, 12, 19, Tuesdays ( 3 sessions )
  9-11 Learn to Knit @ Bazaar Girls in PT, $75
  1-4 Intermediate Spinning Series $75
        Control / Color / Ply Construction
7, Thursday
  9-11 Fourteen Fantastic Fringes @ Bazaar Girls in PT $25
8, Friday
  9-4 Rigid Heddle DoubleWeave $50
14-17 Madrona Fiber Arts at Tacoma
  Power Spinning, Turkish Spindles, Yarn Finishing
21, Thursday
  9-12 Cotton on the Tahkli $25
  1-4 Cotton on the Charka $25
22, Friday
  9-12 Rigid Heddle Magic Stripes $25
  1-4 Open Weaving (free!)

February has an exciting events:  I am giving a discussion followed by a workshop on Support Spindles of the World at North Olympic Shuttle and Spindle Guild in Sequim, Washington. Contact me if you are interested in attending. The discussion is free, the workshop is $25. Fiber and spindles provided for use in the workshop.

I have a request for the Viking Wire Knit Bracelet workshop. Let me know if you are interested, and we will get it scheduled in the near term.

I'm planning to have a Rigid Heddle weekend in April, for adventurous beginners.

If there's a topic you'd like to see, I teach privately or small groups by arrangement. I can also do workshops via Skype or come to you.

Let me know if having workshops on Google calendar or some other forum would be helpful -- I've been posting on Ravelry, Facebook, and via email, but haven't kept Google calendar up to date.

If you have any questions about the workshops, just let me know. I'm always happy to provide more details.

Now, if MailChimp's doing its thing, you'll see how to unsubscribe below. Otherwise, just hit reply and I'll make sure to remove you from the list if that's your request.

You can also forward this email to a friend, if you'd like to let them know about the upcoming workshops, too!

Thank you,
Amelia (the Busy Bee!)
Can't take a class? See my e-books!

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