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Issue no. 3, 7 - 12  October 2014
News of the Week:
  • President Kenyatta addressed Parliament on 6th October 2014. His speech, was meant to send a message to the country and the international community on his decision to personally attend the International Criminal Court (ICC) status conference in his private capacity. He also informed the country that his deputy William Ruto will be the acting President for the period that he will be away. 
  • The Constitution Implementation Commission (CIC) gave its statement on the move by the National Assembly to have Cabinet Secretaries answer questions to the Committee of General Oversight of MPs. CIC called this 'a violation of the constitution' since it is against the separation of powers principle. Read more

Newsmaker this week:
Senator Beatrice Elachi, the Government Chief Whip sponsored the Food Security Bill 2014. The Bill is meant to come up with ways in which the government will ensure the country is not food insecure. The Bill has gone through the first reading and currently the Senate has called on the public to submit memoranda or attend a public forum on the Bill. The memoranda should be sent to the Clerk of the Senate by 22nd October 2014. The public hearing will be held on 22nd October at Shimba Hills Halls, KICC from 10am. Profile

Events this week:
The Open Institute & Techsoup Africa are having the first inaugural #Buntwani Conference at the Kenya School of Government (KSG). The conference will inform on information technology tools that can be used to enhance public participation. It is also an opportunity to dialogue and share on the potential role and contribution of ICT in strengthening citizen engagement and participation in Kenya. The conference takes place on 7th and 8th of October. 

Editorial: Question Time: To have Cabinet Secretaries in Parliament or not!
The Separation of powers principle and practice will be betrayed when the move by the National Assembly to have Cabinet Secretaries go before the house to answer questions. The move becomes effective on 14th October, 2014. Read more

Quote of the Week
“…if we lose our tempers, we will drive this country to the abyss. This is not the time for chest thumping! This is the time for composure; to think for a way forward. Theatrics cannot extricate us from this situation. We must look for credible alternatives to the situation we find ourselves in today. Throwing accusations against each other saying: “So and so wants to put so and so into problems so that they can clear so and so out of the way”, is not the way to get this country out of this situation,” Raila Odinga. The statement was made during a speech in Parliament on the position of government on the ICC process on 16th December, 2010. Read Hansard

Lest we Forget!
Comments emanating from the Motion Withdrawal of Kenya from the Rome Statute of the ICC Moved by Senate Majority Leader Kithure Kindiki

“So, how can we be so cheap, driven by tribal emotions to think that when the bull fighter is speaking, it is because he does not come from the tribes of the President and the Deputy President? I am saying that we will defend the interests of the accused and defend even more vigorously the interests of the voiceless victims. How do you do it? You do it by acknowledging the simple fact that the process at The Hague is being presided over by your seniors. You are so junior compared to your colleagues at The Hague. Have some respect for your colleagues even if I am not your colleague. Please do! The process at The Hague is being presided over by legal experts together with judges and these people will be guided, not by the politics of Kenya and not by the ethnicity in Kenya; they will be guided by points of law and the weight of evidence,” Senator Boni Khalwale commenting during the discussions on September 10th 2013. Read Hansard

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