"The Lord is my helper, the Lord is the shade on my right hand."
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How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news.  Is 52:7
Another New Church
In September, Rhonda and our Bolivian partner Pastor Juan visited a town named Patacamaya (which means 100 dead).  It is an Aymara town about 30 miles from Calacachi, the tiny village where we planted a church last year.  Pastor Juan had been meeting with a few brothers and sisters for a couple of months and they were happy to receive Rhonda as the speaker for a Sunday service.  By the end of the morning, all were in agreement that they were to become a church with a vision of beginning a Bible training center.  The people commented that while they were familiar with some small churches, there was no place to receive more biblical education and no one available to teach them.  With God’s help and direction, this will be the start of a place where pastors can be trained to lead others in the villages.

We Can Get a Grant for Our Two New Churches With Your Help

Lovely Feet Ministries has the opportunity to get a much needed grant for our two new church plants, the Church in Patacamaya where we hope to start a Bible Training Center, and the Church in Oruro.  Evangel Fellowship International will match funds BUT the matching funds cannot come from individuals, they are interested in matching funds with a church.  These two Bolivian churches need about $250 a month to be sustained.  Evangel Fellowship will supply $125 if a church in the United States will donate the other $125 a month with a commitment to provide at least $5,000 in total.  It doesn’t matter if the partnering church is Lutheran or Baptist or Pentecostal or Independent.  Please take this opportunity to your local church congregation and partner with us to begin this work in Bolivia.  For more details, contact Ron at  He will send you the terms of the grant.
Rhonda is Back
After 5 weeks in Bolivia, Rhonda has returned to the U.S. to get our paperwork in order for our move back to Bolivia.  The trip was a great success.  Rhonda encouraged the brothers and sisters in 5 different churches, preaching 8 services, traveling through the Altiplano 140 miles to our new church in Oruro, meeting again in the village of Calacachi and starting our new work in Patacamaya.  We thank the Lord for a great trip.

Relocating to El Alto, Bolivia on November 11, 2014

We have ridden the waves up and down, overcome obstacles, and persevered when things looked quite bleak, but the time has finally come for us to return to live in El Alto, Bolivia.  Rhonda rented our old apartment above a store.  It was open and available at just the right time.  Our plane tickets are purchased and we leave November 10 to arrive on the 11th.  We are trying to satisfy the embassy with all the paperwork and then we will be off.  Please pray for favor and the embassy to move quickly.  We are excited.



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