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10 brilliant Londonist videos to binge at home

Haven't seen much of London lately? Us neither. At least, not in the flesh. And for good reason: everyone has a part to play in the fight against coronavirus, and practicing proper social distancing is key. Luckily, there's a place where you can safely explore the capital for free...

We're talking about Londonist's Youtube channel. Here you can treat your eyes and ears to some of the best London-y content out there. Go behind-the-scenes at Big Ben, trace London's lost railways, and unlock the secrets of the capital's most iconic spaces... all from the comfort of your sofa. 

We've rounded up a few of our favourite videos to suit all sorts of London culture-vultures below. Alternatively, you can click that big blue button and browse our curated playlists and standalone videos straight way.

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London's Floating Village

Tucked away in Twickenham you'll find a most unusual village. Welcome to Swan Island — a community of floating houses on the River Thames. Earlier this year, we went to speak to some of Swan Island's residents to find out what life on the water is really like here. 

Secrets of the Victoria Line

Join everyone's favourite train enthusiast Geoff Marshall on a ride across the entirety of the Victoria Line. Along the way, he reveals one unusual fact about each and every station on London's only 100% subterranean line. From mysterious tile motifs to abandoned buildings, there are plenty of oddities to discover.

M&M's World: An Investigation

Ah, M&M's world. The gaudy shrine to a single, US-based brand of chocolate that has inexplicably become a must-see for tourists visiting London. We sent our intrepid reporter Andrew Davidson to find out just why the hell anybody goes there. If you’re missing the buzz of central London right now, this video is sure to remind you that it’s not always all it’s cracked up to be.

In Search Of 221B Baker Street

Everyone knows that Sherlock Holmes' address is 221B Baker Street. But where exactly is that? It turns out that the answer is not exactly elementary. Join Matt Brown in Marylebone as he looks into some of the main contenders — encountering a museum, a greasy spoon, and a Putin-esque waxwork dummy along the way.

Europe's Largest Sikh Temple

In times of crisis, it's often comforting to look to the helpers. If you could do with your faith in humanity being restored, we recommend watching this video of our visit to Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Southall. The largest Sikh temple in Europe, it's also home to a huge kitchen, which serves people of all faiths and backgrounds.

London's Old And New Pagans

The first chapter in our 12 part video series exploring London's historical, mythical, and contemporary pagan connections. We travel from esoteric Bloomsbury bookshops to the Temple of Mithras, the place of worship for a mysterious ancient cult that lay buried beneath the city for centuries.

Secrets Of Borough Market

Join us for a nose around the iconic Borough Market and as we uncover some of its secrets from the site's 1000+  year history. From an old underground prison cell-turned-cheese storage facility, to the hops used to brew the market's beer, there's loads to discover (and don't forget that Borough Market is currently open for deliveries!)

Living In An Abandoned Hospital

Many of London's abandoned buildings are not abandoned at all. They're looked after by live-in property guardians. We visited a former east London hospital to find out what it's like to reside there. It certainly seems like it'd be an interesting place in which to self-isolate... 

A Brief History Of Moquette

Ever wondered what all the different patterns on the seats of London's transport network are about? Moquette Man to the rescue! Join Andrew Martin at London Transport Museum for an epic odyssey into some of the world's most iconic train and bus upholstery. 

London's Colourwalkers

Every third Thursday of the month, Old Spitalfield Market gets a whole lot more colourful. This vibrantly-dressed group celebrate creativity and self-expression via their lovingly crafted rainbow-hued outfits. If you could do with a dose of sunshine right now, this is the one to watch (and do make sure you see it for yourself once social distancing measures are lifted!)

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