Everyone and everything on Earth and in Space is part of A Living Library of diversity:  people, birds, trees, air, water,  and all the things we create, such as - parks, gardens, schools, curricula, artworks, networks, communities, celebrations. A Living Library, or, A.L.L., for short, provides a way to understand that culture and technology are part of nature.  It's all nature. 

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It has been another extraordinary, fast, fun-packed, full year of transformation - of our San Francisco and NYC Living Library Landscapes, with the integrated children and adult programs - who are learning by doing.  And, we have great interest from colleagues and new friends who want us to develop Branch Living Library & Think Parks in San Antonio, Texas, Udaipur, India, Mexico City, Mexico, and Chengdu, China !  Stay tuned in 2015 for more news of these adventures and our ongoing Branch Living Library & Think Parks.

It  is always a great pleasure to send greetings and updates to you in this
Holiday Season of Sharing & Giving. We sincerely hope that you will consider supporting Life Frames, Inc. in your year-end donations for our ongoing work developing, place-based, Branch Living Library & Think Parks in multiple schools and communities, and our growing, Living Library Nature Walk that is calling attention to, and interconnecting resources and communities in the Islais Creek Watershed, the largest in San Francisco, through a new, narrative, native landscape. 

A Living Library, 
or A.L.L., creates content-rich, ecological environments with integrated, inter-disciplinary, standards-based curricula for all ages.  Your generous donations – large or small - will help us continue, and also expand our services by continuing our current work and developing new Branch Living Library sites in communities – locally and globally.

As the Superintendent of Schools in San Francisco, Richard Carrenza, wrote last year: "For over sixteen years (now seventeen !), Life Frames has dedicated thousands of hours and worked with many more thousands of our students and school communities. These collaborations have helped transform their schools’ campuses and neighborhoods into unique, place-based, ecological learning landscapes, each called A Living Library & Think Park.  Through exemplary hands-on, interdisciplinary, standards-based training, the students learn a diverse range of content, including math, science, history, language arts, multi-arts, and technology. Students also become well-versed in issues of climate change, conservation, water and watersheds, green infrastructure and energy, recycling, rainwater harvesting, green jobs, environmental justice, and other ecological practices."

OMI/Excelsior Living Library & Think Park
Farm Learning Zone

Over 800 students from James Denman Middle School, Leadership High School, and San Miguel Child Development Center helped to establish this productive, practical, and abundant Farm Learning Zone on the campus of San Miguel CDC, as part of the OMI/Excelsior Living Library & Think Park over the past year.

Please enjoy our recent enews that gives an overview of many of our accomplishments this year, with a few highlights here.


Chinatown Living Library & Think Park Students Plant California Natives in Native Learning Zone at Gordon Lau Elementary School

Children from Commodore Stockton Child Development Center and Gordon Lau Elementary School learned the term "Cultivation" with all its myriad meanings and then applied their knowledge in cultivating the soil and preparing the beds for their planting of drought tolerant California Native understory plants.  Have a look at their process and marvelous results !!  At this Branch Living LIbrary, we work with over 400 children year-round, during the school day, after school, and summers.

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Bernal Heights Living Library Nature Walk Continues To Blossom and Grow!

Pictured above, a Volunteer Group from Salesforce plants California Native Understory near the California Native Trees in St. Mary's Park as part of the Bernal Heights Living Library & Think Park Nature Walk that is linking multiple schools, parks, public housing, and streets leading to currently hidden Islais Creek at south side of St. Mary's Park.  This Nature Walk is becoming a new, expressive, resilient, native landscape with interpretive signage and other related elements.  It was begun by Life Frames, Inc., led by Bonnie Ora Sherk, in 2002, to mitigate climate change and other ecological issues, and is now a prototype for what could be happening throughout the whole Islais Creek Watershed, the largest in SF that interconnects eleven neighborhoods:  Noe Valley, Mission, Bernal Heights, Potrero Hill, Bayview, Portola, Crocker-Amazon, Excelsior, OMI, Sunnyside, Glen Park.  Stay tuned in 2015 for more updates on our Islais Creek Watershed initiative and our emerging Islais Watershed Team and Advisors !

Junipero Serra Students Learn About Butterfly Life Cycle in their Bernal Heights Living Library & Think Park Gardens!

Students from Junipero Serra Elementary School and Junipero Serra Child Development Center were delighted to see hundreds of Fritillary Butterflies thriving on the host plant, Passiflora, on Appleton Street as part of the Bernal Heights Living Library & Think Park Nature Walk.  The children learned about the Butterfly Life Cycle and drew beautiful pictures of their observations of the butterflies in action. Have a look !  At this Branch Living LIbrary, we work with over 400 children year-round, during the school day, after school, and summers.

Life Frames, Inc.  thanks you, and our funders:  California Strategic Growth Council, SF Department of Children, Youth, & Their Families, Metabolic Studio, Salesforce Foundation, Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, PS/IS 217 PTA and individual donors, like you !
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