AAYSP is holding its 2nd Leadership Conference in New  York. News from the Michigan, California, and Washington DC Chapters.


Upcoming Leadership Conference in New York - Jan 1st - Jan 2nd

The organizing committee is finalizing the conference agenda and it will be sent out in another message. The leadership conference will focus on executing GOAL B of AAYSP's strategic plan to develop the organizational capacity at the Board and Chapter levels to promote strategic change for Yemeni-Americans in K-12 through college education. The conference will also focus on expanding officers' leadership and defining the AAYSP membership.

Registration Fee: Free!! Sponsorship & Donations welcome. Please contact Adel Mozip for more info!

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Hotel guests are staying at The Best Western Gregory Hotel : Click here for to reserve


Michigan Chapter


Project Salina: Motivate and Inspire:

The chapter has resumed its focus on Salina Intermediate. AAYSP members weekly visit the intermediate school to motivate and inspire Salina school students. Giving one hour of your time a month will surely touch some lives.  Please contact Adel Mozip to participate in this program.


Way-2-College Event:

On Saturday October 23, 2010, The Michigan Chapter hosted the Annual Way to College Event which was previously known as the Back to School Event. They were able to bring together roughly 100 students, their family members, and their friends for a free presentation at the ACCESS Community Center on Saulino St that highlighted the importance of education for middle school and high school students. Between the raffle prizes, jerseys, basketballs, and the anticipated net book give away students had the chance to mingle with college representatives while enjoying complimentary snacks.

The main focus of the event included a talk show that hosted guest speakers from various fields like Dr.Rashid Abdu, Shaker Lashuael, Mohamed Sahoubah, Professor Ron Emeigh, Asia Obad, Jenna Alderwish, Gail K. Tubbs, and Juan Ochoa. They were able to share valuable advice and life experiences regarding higher education with the younger audience. What made this a valuable experience was the fact that these speakers were from such varied backgrounds. Doctors, active community leaders, professors, mothers, fathers, entrepreneurs, scientists, writers, social workers, they were all images that students would associated with success and they were there to speak with students about their memories in high school, how they made it from point A to point B.

Community Partnership for Education:

Along with community organizations, the Michigan Chapter started the Community Partnership for Education Committee. The mission of the Community Partnership for Education is to improve the overall academic, social, and emotional well being of our youth by strengthening the relationship between schools, students, parents, and the community at large. Know more, please visit its google group

Medical School night featuring Dr. Nasser Zawia

The Michigan Chapter  held its medical school workshop at ACCESS Education & Family Center on the 30th of November, 2010.  AAYSP National Director, Dr. Nasser Zawia was the guest along with Hassan Siddiqui, a medical school student at the University of Michigan. The event was attended by 25 high school and college students. Pictures Album


New Officers:

The general members of the Michigan chapters have elected new officers for the Year 2010 - 2011. Congratulations to the new officers of the Michigan Chapter:

Fattum Mutahr - President
Ali Algalham - Vice President
Ausan Ahmed - Administrative Assistant
Angam Alhaithami  - Event Manager
Yasmine Hassan - Treasurer
Yazan Soofi - Public Relations Officer

Washington D.C Chapter:
In preparation for the Chapter's December 18th election, The chapter current officers are currently in the process of compiling the replies from the nominees onto a ballot. The officers that D.C. members and perspective members consider this opportunity to join the American Association of Yemeni Scientists and Professionals (AAYSP) in promoting education among Yemeni-Americans. If you wish to decline this nomination, please mention that in your response. The DC Chapter elections will be held at Woodrow Wilson Library (6101 Knollwood Drive, Falls Church, VA 22041) on December 18th at 3pm.
If you have questions or need further information, contact Moghitha Alkibsi at

California Chapter:


New Officers

California Chapter has elected new officers for their 2011 year. The 2011 AAYSP-CA Board:

President: Ahmed Alkholaidi
Vice President: Raydan Alhubaishi
Administrative Assistant: Hesham Hussain
Treasurer: Mohamed Alazzani
Public Relations Coordinators: Ahmed Sharif & Yaman Naji

The board has also selected Ibraheim Obaid to serve as an advisor to the board.

Some sisters will join the elected board in the near future and participate in the leadership. California Chapter


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