Operation Crafty Aid- a practical way to support the Palestinian Economy...Just in time for Christmas
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“In practical terms, supporting a policy of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions means . . . Giving positive support to the Palestinian economy, by investing in and buying from Palestinian businesses, and those importing Palestinian goods,”
“Time for Action, taking action for Palestine”, p. 24.

For £100 you will be sent a selection of products worth at least that, and postage free.

Regular Box
Christmas Box

Give craftspeople and farmers in the West Bank and Gaza some income for their work and hope for the future; give yourself something practical to do and enable friends to enjoy beautiful Palestinian handcrafts or delicious food. Ideal for  a Fair Trade Stall or as Stocking Fillers- the varied items make great gifts!

How does it work?
  • Find £100.
  • E.g., ask 10 people - family, friends or others - to contribute £10 each (or £20 from 5 people, whatever)
  • If wanted, give each a receipt for the amount contributed
  • Order a £100 parcel from Hadeel – our choice, but either a general or a Christmas box, and (mainland UK) post free!  Look at our website for examples of the crafts and food  –  www.hadeel.org.
  • Arrange payment
  • When the order comes, have a party or meet up with the contributors and/or others.We will send notes about the crafts so you will know from which group each item has come.
  • People can buy what they like, leaving the original £10 as seed money or
  • Each contributor can use his/her receipt as payment or part payment for an item
  • Start the cycle again . . . hopefully with proceeds of your sales.
To order is easy please follow the links to our website Regular Crafty Aid Box  or for  a Christmas Crafty Aid Box

Alternatively Please Email or Print off this Form and Return to Hadeel:

Please send me a box of £100 worth of goods.  If possible, I prefer a box with (please tick)
  •  embroidery, olive wood, olive oil soap, food, candle, etc.  Or
  • a Christmas selection similar to above.
  • send form with a cheque for £100, payable to Hadeel UK,
  • or phone 0131 2251922 and give details and debit card information or ask bank transfer details.
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Hadeel UK
123 George Street,
Edinburgh EH2 4JN
0131 225 1922
Email info@hadeel.org

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