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Welcome to our September 2013 Newsletter

From l - r: Lady Marion Fraser, Sir Kerr Fraser, Carol Morton. Photo courtesy H.Mackintosh.


September is back with its chilly air heralding that life is finally back to normal.  The summer was great for us here at 123 George Street, but we are looking forward to an exciting new last quarter of the year in our new home. 

We’ve had many festival visitors drop in and engage our staff in conversation, sometimes the debates were heated, other times they were supportive.  We are glad that we are able to be a welcoming place where people can come in and ask questions, even if we can’t always give them the answers they’d like.  Book Festival-goers were fantastic customers and helped the shop achieve its highest ever August sales total, though overall sales a previous year were higher because of income from our wholesale business.

A special thank you to all those who supported our Ramadan promotion which was very successful as evidenced by the fact that the dates and couscous are now in short supply – even from the supplier! Another popular item was the jute bag we advertised in our last newsletter.  There are still a few remaining so if you’d like to have one before stocks run out visit our shop or place an order soon. 

Hadeel was also delighted to get a visit to the shop on 123 George St. from Lady Marion Fraser and her husband Sir Kerr Fraser (pictured above).  Lady Marion was our founder Chair of Council is our only Patron. She was thrilled to see how the products were displayed so beautifully in our new premises.

We are also pleased to announce that for the second time, Hadeel products are featured in the Amnesty Shop catalogue.  Look out for Surif embroidered Christmas tree ornament/pincushion, mother-of-pearl dove earrings and the only Palestinian-made kaffiyeh, all sourced through Hadeel.  Zaytoun also have several entries: dates, olive oil, za’atar, olive oil soap.
Finally we would like to welcome back Ross Campbell.  We are grateful for his recovery and happy that one more thing in the shop is back to normal.  We would also like to congratulate Ross, who is now the new chair of the Scottish Palestinian Forum (SPF), you can read more about them below. 

Other items in our September newsletter include:


 At the Hadeel Stall (from l-r): Hadeel Volunteer Marjorie Clark, Martin Meteyard, Chair of SFTF (back to camera), Pete Wishart MP for Perth and North Perthshire, and Humza Yousef MSP, Minister for External Affairs and International Development. Photo courtesy of Carol Morton.

On Saturday 7th September several members of Hadeel Council travelled to Perth for the Scottish Fair Trade Forum’s 2013 Festival to help celebrate Scotland as a Fair Trade Nation.  This award was announced by Humza Yousaf MSP during Fair Trade week back in February and is a great achievement that was realised after a long, hard journey involving many individuals and organisations over a great many years.   It recognises the commitment shown throughout Scotland  to the principles of Fair Trade  and the growing links between farmers, workers and producers in the developing world and organisations, networks and campaigners here in Scotland. 

As a member of the Scottish Fair Trade Form and the British Association of Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers, Hadeel was delighted to be a part of this journey and to be able to attend this event to celebrate with other Fair Trade partners and friends. First order of the day was the Scottish Fair Trade Forum’s Annual General Meeting, where new board members were elected, future funding was discussed and thoughts on how to move forward spreading the message of Fair Trade throughout Scotland were debated. 

But by far the most popular part of the day was the Fair Trade Marketplace which featured all sorts of Fair Trade goodies from around the world on sale.  Hadeel had a well-placed stall near the entrance to the marketplace and had a busy and successful day speaking to people, giving out information about our suppliers and the Palestinian situation as well as selling a selection of the goods. Hadeel Council would like to thank all who were involved to make this year’s Fair Trade Festival such a successful and enjoyable day.

Lindsay Turnbull, Council Member

Hadeel, as many know, is Arabic for ‘the cooing of a dove’.  But why the particular dove image we chose?  At the Edinburgh SMAP (Scottish Medical Aid for Palestinians) day in 2002 some folk were talking of plans to open a shop called Hadeel, and Ibrahim Muhawi, co-author, with Sharif Kanaana, of the book “Speak Bird, Speak Again”, a collection of Palestinian folk tales, was there.  When Carol Morton asked or suggestions for a logo, he proffered the dove image on the cover of the book. 

The dove used was not the usual static peace dove, but one with a history and attitude.  We immediately thought it was ideal!  It is an ancient, pre-Canaanite symbol – before there was a “Promised Land”.  Its claws clutch a branch:  it is rooted in the land.   It looks behind itself, as anyone really concerned with peace in Israel/Palestine must do, lest they be stabbed in the back. 

It seemed perfect for a shop called Hadeel: a dove trying to communicate, cooing the history and culture of Palestine to the modern world.  This ancient dove image has been the symbol the shop since we opened in 2003 and is that which we continue to use as part of our logo today.


Group of the Month: Ma’an Lil-Hayat

Ma’an lil-Hayat is a ‘L’Arche’ community where people with and without intellectual disabilities work together, helping all in the community to feel that they are valued members of Palestinian society.  They say Ma’an lil-Hayat “is a place where we discover and share our gifts through relationships of friendship and trust."  Indeed, the organisation’s name in Arabic means 'Together for Life'. 

Ma’an Lil-Hayat is the first and only felt wool making organisation in Palestine. What makes the project even more unique is the fact that the wool is purchased from women in and around Bethlehem, where the shepherds have traditionally roamed those hills for millennia.  

The project seeks to support people with disabilities in three ways.  Their therapeutic objective aims to help their producers’ gain self-esteem to become active in their own learning and development. A social objective seeks to raise awareness of the needs and different ability levels of people with disabilities to help them become better integrated into society.  Finally, an economic benefit to show that people with disabilities can also give something for their society and be independent. 
If you have come to Hadeel or been to one of our many stalls you will have seen their original take on the nativity scene (currently one of our top sellers), as well as a number of other ornaments and gift items, such as purses.   

Palcrafts has twice helped Ma’an lil-Hayat by purchasing and having delivered from Europe an electric carding machine, enabling the felt to be carded much more quickly and many more products to be made.  We are grateful to George Shand, minister, and to members of St. Andrew’s Church, Jerusalem, who paid import duties and delivered the machines from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, as the Occupation means that Palestinians cannot import goods directly themselves.

Here are two of their popular products available in the shop or online: 
Nativity scene
Felt Christmas decoration 

To learn more about them, their mission and how they make their products visit their website.

October – Look out for Gift Baskets:

Staff are busy making up gift baskets for Thanksgiving/Christmas presents.  We hope to have one mainly food (though Zaytoun currently have a scarcity of dates and cous cous), one olive themed (with e.g. soap and olive wood items as well as food) and perhaps another with Christmassy items (candles, coasters, embroidered tree decorations, olive wood decorations). 

The baskets can be made to order with your own selection of  food and craft products if we are given good advance notice.  Check out details in the October Newsletter.

Hadeel is a founder member of the Scottish Palestinian Forum, an umbrella organisation established in 2000.  Its aim is to promote knowledge and understanding of the Palestinian people and influence discussion of the issues in Scotland.

It is comprised of both individual and organisational members such as Christian Aid, the Christian Peacemaker Teams in Scotland, Embrace (formerly Bible Lands), Friends of Sabeel (UK), the Iona community, the Israeli Committee Against House Demolition (ICAHD) UK, Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) and Scottish Friends of Palestine (SFOP).  We hope to profile some of these groups in future editions of the Newsletter.

The Forum aims to promote one major event a year. In the past these have include a day celebrating Palestinian culture and an advocacy conference which included input from politicians on lobbying.

This year, it is currently supporting a visit to Scotland by Yitzach Frankenthal of the Parents Circle-Family Forum. His visit coincides with that of Hamed Qawasmeh of the Villages Group and a number of joint meetings have been organised.

For more information about the SPF and their activities, please visit their website or Facebook page.  An e-mail list keeps individual members and others informed about events and news from member groups.

Ross Campbell, Chair

Last month we reported the break-in at the Domari Society for Gypsies and the fact that we were able to raise £885 from many of you who felt compelled to help the group.  The money we collected was received and Carol Morton recently received this heartfelt email from Amoun, the society’s director:

I would to thank and send the blessing of Domari Center to every person who stood there for us and helped with this donation – May God bless them all. We are hoping to get few thing needed for the Centre with this money. And we are glad for your friendship, and will always remember your support for us. God bless you and bless the work you are doing for all these women.

With love,



Thursday 19th
SPF West AGM, John Ogilvy Centre, St. Aloysius Church, Rose Street, Glasgow, 7.30
Ross Campbell, chair of the national SPF committee will be speaking. Light refreshments will be available. All welcome.

Sunday 29th
Special screening of 5 Broken Cameras at the Cinema Museum, 2 Dugard Way (off Renfrew Road), Kennington SE11 4TH, at 3 pm, screening fee of £2.
The screening will be followed by refreshments and a discussion. Hadeel's Local Rep Aileen Garden will have a stall at the event.


Sunday 6th
Monthly Palestinian stall, St. John's Church, Landsdowne Crescent, London W11 2NN, 11:30 - 12:00.
On the first Sunday of every month after morning Eucharist (10.30 am).

Saturday 26th
Global Bazaar, Queensferry Fair Trade Group, Queensferry Parish Church Centre, South Queensferry, 10 - 3.
Featuring a variety of stalls, including Hadeel, and tea and coffee tastings by Equal Exchange.

Wednesday 30th
Discussion about the new UK response to Kairos, Friends of Sabeel UK, Holy Trinity Church, Boar Lane, Leeds, 6 pm onwards
This Friends of Sabeel UK event will feature a Hadeel stall run by Local Reps Anne and Barry Parker.


Wednesday 6th
Kilwinning Fair, Abbey Hall, North Ayrshire, 11:00 - 3:00.
The Kilwinning Creative Arts and Crafts Fair offers a variety of quality crafts and will feature a Hadeel stall run by Local Rep Amina Abdel-Khaliq.

Saturday 9th
SMAP (Scottish Medical Aid for Palestine) Fundraising Day, Christchurch, Holy Corner, Edinburgh

Tuesday 26th (exclusive preview evening) and Thursday 27th,
Chelsea Old Town Hall, Kings Road, London, SW3 5EE
The annual Gift of Sight Fair features a selection of arts, clothes, jewellery and gifts. The fair raises money for St. John's Eye Hospital, Jerusalem.  


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