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Newly Weds Give Hope & Health to Total Strangers – 

Meet Sulochana’s family in Betticaola, Sri Lanka. 
Sulochana,  has been slowly going blind and needed corrective surgery. She is the mother and the head of the house hold. Her teenage son was diagnosed with Leukemia and he needed special care and transport to go to Colombo once a month, over a 12 hour drive! Five other family members including an almost blind 90 year old grandmother, live in a tin roof home made of mud and sticks over a floor of sand .

When I saw the grandmother, I was saddend at her state.  She was sitting in a dark room in the corner on loose old boards which were meant to be a bed.  She was shocked at first at my presence in her home, but soon gave me a big toothless grin excited to have a new visitor.
COLORS local contact Marilyn, became aware of this family through colleagues involved in social welfare. Suloncha, showed me around their property.   Their sleeping arrangements were all on the sand floor (filled with sand fleas…I know from my flea bitten ankles).  Sulochana stressed the need for fencing so they could get livestock and also keep animals out of their garden so they can grow food.
We all spoke about the many needs and struggles and future planning! 
It was both sad and exciting as there was
so much potential to help make things better despite their recent bad luck.
Marilyn and I wrote to prospective donors and a plan was created.
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No Place to Sleep

When COLORS volunteers in South Africa 1st found Lubabalo crèche, they were troubled that the toddlers had no place to sleep. The children slept with their heads on the table on the edge of their seats, often falling over.

When our donors heard that the children had no beds, they were quick to send the needed support. Volunteers Jaco and Mies immediately used the funds to organize the bed project as they longed to see the toddlers more comfortable. Sleeping matts & blankets were provided last month for the toddlers of Lubabalo preschool, Silver town South Africa.

COLORS is also providing our e'pap feeding program to this little preschool. Over the next year we all hope to assist in more ways to help with the care and welfare  of these toddlers who live in such desperate conditions.

Educations Edge

Meet Bulewa.

She is a teacher who has set up a small informal preschool in her home taking in around 50 toddlers and babies in Thembalatu South Africa. Bulelwa has opened up her home for child care as her area is growing and growing and there are no structured places or resources for the children. Bulewa is very excited to be sponsored to take on her early childhood studies so she can learn how to better teach and care for the children.

Every year Project COLORS finds personal sponsors to cover the early childhood education training tuition fees of the preschool teachers we work with in South Africa. Many of the pre-school teachers do not even have their basic elementary schooling; however, these women are a vital resource in their communities taking care of the daily needs of the children in an extremely impoverished area called Thembalatu.

This higher level of education teaches the teachers about proper nutrition, basic hygiene and how to teach small children basic skills.  This certificate gives them the chance to apply for further governmental funding later on to support their projects.

Thank you to Terry Choyce for sponsoring Bulewa and thank you to Andrew,  Jaco and Mies for volunteering to coordinate this vital opportunity.

Children’s Overseas Learning Opportunities & Resources Society

Project COLORS is a small non-profit aid organization committed to uplifting children, families, animals & communities around the globe. We operate by maximizing the reach of your goodwill and donations—no frills, no fluff & no unnecessary organizational overhead, thanks to our dedicated team of volunteers.

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