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Feed a Child - Buy a Backpack
1st Aid Kits for Kids - Help Street Dogs 
Shoes for Orphans - Wildlife Care

This year shop with a purpose by easily picking out sponsorship e-gift certificates & e-cards to give your loved ones


In a loved one’s name, this card buys TWO 1st Aid Kits for an orphanage & a school in need.  Project COLORS volunteers hand deliver these 1st aid supplies to child care & educational centers all around the globe.  With this gift, instructions are also given to the adults on basic hygiene & how to use the kits.  These kits are often valuable lifelines in the community, keeping children healthy & happy.


In a loved one's name,  provide a backpack full of art & educational supplies for a South African child about to start primary school for the first time.


The children of Arudpany Girls Home and St. John's Boys Home need your help. Canadian volunteers living in Sri Lanka have asked us again this year to find shoe sponsors for the kids they work with. One sponsorship card buys 2 PAIRS of much needed shoes!



Our traveling volunteers encounter small wildlife rehabilitation centres and individuals helping wildlife all over the world. Animal 1st Aid kit supplies, basic medications, food, and safe recovery enclosures have been sponsored by COLORS in Costa Rica, South Africa, and Canada. By buying this card, you ensure this valuable support continues when we are confronted with an immediate need.

Feed 30 Toddlers
for 30 Days $30

 Give South African toddlers critical,
immune-boosting nutrition in a loved one's name today.
Our volunteers are ready to deliver your gift.


Save a street dog in a loved one's name. Provide food, vaccinations & medical treatment for an abandoned dog in South Africa, Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka or Canada by purchasing this global dog care sponsorship. 

Premium Sponsorship $100

This fund assists projects wherever in the world our volunteers travel and live. Emergency medicine - New roofing for a school - Training for youth - Food for a family. You and your loved ones can help ensure that so many critical acts of kindness and urgent aid continue when you buy this card.



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The Children’s Overseas Learning Opportunities & Resource Society

Project COLORS is a small non-profit aid organization committed to helping children, families, animals & communities in need around the globe. We operate by maximizing the reach of your goodwill & donations — no frills, no fluff & no unnecessary organizational overhead thanks to our dedicated team of volunteers. 

We believe that all of us have the power to enable positive change. And whether it’s a big or small act of kindness, a nutritional feeding program in a small African community, delivering lifesaving 1st aid kits to pre-schools & children’s homes globally, rescuing a small puppy, teaching youth how to start their own NGO or coordinating training workshops for single mothers, it’s an effort worth undertaking.