G5-Gi set to release his most prolific work to the date...

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G5-Gi is a product of Buffalo NY with a big-time sound! He gained notoriety in 2009 when he appeared on hip-hop juggernaut Drake’s “So Far Gone Tour.” Since then G5-Gi has effectively used social media promotion and marketing strategy to broaden his base of core supporters and listeners.  Locally, G5-Gi is widely known for his collaboration album (
"WHY SO SERIOUS ALBUM") & friendship with Buffalo Bills star Stevie Johnson (SJ13).
G5-Gi is gearing up to release his most personable and prolific project thus far. #March23 is the title of his upcoming EP.  With national media attention, an online music community buzz larger than we’ve seen from artist in this region, and a new found control over his sound & delivery – G5-Gi is ready to break industry ground and make some serious waves in the hip-hop culture.  And he gets to do it all on his 23rd birthday #March23.
There will be a series of live #March23 events ranging from musical performances to photo art dance parties and more. #March23 is set to be bigger than just a music download or CD. There will be a lot of surprises announced throughout the month of March surrounding the #March23 project.
For more info or to schedule G5-Gi interviews or press coverage contact D. Jackson via email at or phone at 716-535-6959. Visit for all things G5-Gi

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