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July, 2012
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What's New in Asana

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  Asana for Larger Teams
Now you can collaborate with more than 30
teammates in your workspace when you upgrade to
a Premium Workspace. Upgrading also enables
project permissions (to control access to certain
projects), and unlimited free workspace guests.
Check out our Premium Workspace pricing, or
contact our sales team, if you’d like to learn more.

Asana tasks
  People icon   Workspace Guests
If you want to bring consultants, contractors or clients
into Asana without letting them see your entire workspace,
here’s how: Workspace Guests. Share only individual projects
or even specific tasks - and in a Premium Workspace,
you get unlimited guests! Learn More »

Our newest feature, Inbox, is a radically better way to stay
connected with your team and the work that matters to you.
It’s faster than reading emails, and gives you more control
over the information you receive. Learn more »

  API image   API
With our RESTful API, you can integrate Asana
with your systems, display Asana data in other
apps, and create and modify tasks from outside
Asana. Check out the developer page »

  Personal Projects
We've made it much easier to use Asana with
friends and family. In your workspace list,
you’ll find the new Personal Projects Workspace.
Here, each project is shared separately, so you
can have a shopping list with your roommates
while organizing a birthday party with your family.
Learn More »
  Personal projects  
  Other New Features
• Profile photos (have you added yours yet?)
• Sort tasks by due date
• Universal search - across projects, people and tasks
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