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PlusOne Dynamics works with companies around the world and conducts iMA Auditing & Reporting, iMA Workshops, iMA Staff & Team training. We also perform International Business Development, Strategic Business Analysis & Solutions Development, Global product promotion & representation of "selective" product ranges.  Contact PoD today.

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Hey there, <<First Name>>!

Yes it's that time of year again... some love it, some loath it... regardless of your preference many of us eat too much (then moan about it), drink too much (then reminisce that perhaps we also did that last Christmas!) but most of all we gather together around friends, family, colleagues, those that share our lives and celebrate the passing of another year and look forward to new beginnings.

It has been a fantastic year for PlusOne Dynamics, expanding our Service offerings throughout New Zealand and Australia has been beneficial for our clients and allowed us to actively expand our iMA Strategies, Audits and Workshops to a greater Audience.  Some of our clients have used iMA within their Project Teams and reported significant team connectivity as a result.  Another client, a National Franchisor in New Zealand, used the PlusOne Dynamics iMA Human Resource Audit to prepare for and improve the outcomes for participants at their annual national conference.  They reported significant value and insight into effective communication and connectivity with their Franchisees. 

Moving into 2013, PlusOne Dynamics will continue to focus on building high performing teams; teams that connect and communicate effectively with each other and teams that engage effectively with their clients and stakeholders. We invite you to take a look at our iMA Strategies & services - we are constantly getting incredible feedback on how iMA, with its simple predictable framework, has literally turned around the culture of a company, has changed the way a team interacts and has lifted morale, productivity and sales.  During 20012 PoD has used iMA strategies in schools, Clubs, SME's and Corporate environments - all scenario's have reported significant benefits, we will expand these successes into 2013.  Find out more by watching our short video [ CLICK HERE ]

Throughout 2012, our Australasian partnership with Network Sunday  as returned great benefits for many PlusOne Dynamics clients by engaging them in conversation with key decision makers in their target markets and the demand for this suite of solutions continues to grow.  Due to its success, we will continue growing this service provision in 2013. 

PlusOne Dynamics are passionate about inspiring solutions to achieve business growth and achieve real change.  We are REAL people with extensive professional backgrounds, substantial skill sets and international experience that can benefit you!  This is your personal invitation to connect and engage with us... We want to get to know you!


Jayne Albiston & Grant Dickson
   Jayne Albiston - LinkedIn Profile - Connect with Me!           Grant Dickson - LinkedIn Profile - Connect with Me!

PlusOne Dynamics Ltd
P.O. Box 302 154 - North Harbour, Auckland 0751 - NEW ZEALAND

PlusOne Dynamics - What is iMA Video
PlusOne Dynamics - Team Building Goals

REVIEW: Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A1 (WiFi & 3G GPS Versions)

The Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A1 is a ruggedised Android 4.0 tablet computer which lives up to its name. Unlike consumer products like the iPad the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A1 is not a thing of beauty, nor is it meant to be.

The Toughpad was first hinted at just over a year ago while I was on a guest tour of Panasonic’s punishing Toughbook testing facilities in Japan reporting for Technology Spectator. This final version hardware is externally almost the same as an engineering sample I viewed back then.

While it weighs a hefty 993grams which is 50 per cent more than an iPad, the Toughpad knocks it’s city cousin for six in terms of ruggedness and reliability.  Toughpad rugged features includes compliance to MIL-STD 810G and IP65 standards, spill proof, water and dust resistant, ability to operate in temperatures from -10 °C to 50 °C and a three-year limited warranty covering parts and labour.  During the media launch event, demo units of the Toughpad...

Turner Hopkins

iMA Human Resource Audit TESTIMONIAL !

The well established and successful law firm Tuner Hopkins Barristers and Solicitors, based in Takapuna on the North Shore of Auckland - NZ, recently commissioned a PlusOne Dynamics iMA Human Resource Audit to quickly and effectively assess their Staff communication styles. Tuner Hopkins provide practical legal advice and services to a diverse range of New Zealand and International clients and have experience, expertise and facilities to provide the very highest standard of legal services to their our clients.  With three Partners, two Senior Associates, Senior Solicitors, highly experienced legal executives and a team of 20+ of dedicated and skilled support staff, Tuner Hopkins Barristers and Solicitors were wanting to improve communications, effectiveness and connectivity with its Staff.

"We thoroughly recommend the team from PlusOne Dynamics to undertake an iMA Audit of your team's characteristics and communication styles. PlusOne provided a prompt and informative assessment of how our team of 28 interact and offered practical ideas and solutions to improve our communication. We have seen an improvement with our interaction and to top it all off we had fun in the process."
Douglas Mitchell - Senior Associate Turner Hopkins

Find out how a iMA HR Audit and Workshop can improve connectivity in your workplace.
Oue Latest Accommodation Review

Accommodation Review

ASPEN LODGE MOTEL - HANMER SPRINGS NEW ZEALAND - Sometimes you just need to get away from the office, work, emails, the internet and the general hum drum of life. What better place to do this than Hanmer Springs – just an 1.5 hour drive from Christchurch and the major attraction (other than clean high country air, a slow pace of life, wine and food) is the famous Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools.

Yes the pool facility is a bit touristy, in fact loads of tourists from all over the world come there for a hot dip in the mineral pools, however the surroundings are amazing, it’s super clean and staff are friendly and focused on the customer experience. At $18 for the day, it’s a bargain, best of all you can buy a return day pass and go twice in the day for $5 extra! (Generally 3-4 hours is enough, but being able to leave and come back at night for a 2nd soak… awesome).

Four weeks ago we needed to “head for the hills”, flew down to...
Take our iMA Questionnaire

iMA Style Questionnaire

Our simple and quick FREE 10-question online questionnaire that takes just 2 minutes to complete and identifies a person’s dominant pattern of behaviour (iMA Style). Once a person’s dominant pattern of behaviour is defined, this will tell you what makes her/him tick:
  • How she/he thinks
  • How she/he likes to give and receive information
  • How she/he operates under stress
  • Her/his strengths and weaknesses
  • How best to manage, motivate, delegate and criticise that person

The FREE iMA Style Questionnaire is a precursor for the PlusOne Dynamics iMA Human Resource Audit and all of our iMA Workshops, which when combined will lead to:
  • Improved communication between individuals, teams, departments and across the entire organisation
  • Increased co-operation leading to improved organisational effectiveness
  • Reduced stress and tension
  • Improved rapport building
  • Increased self-awareness and understanding of others
  • Improved working relationships
iMA Human Resource Audit

iMA Human Resource Audit

The PlusOne Dynamics iMA Human Resource Audit is a fast, simple and effective management tool that will help you to recognise and utilise your company’s human resources.  The Audit includes a comprehensive PlusOne Dynamics iMA Audit report and is supported by a 45 minute consultation with one of our Qualified Practitioners regarding the report contents.

“I would recommend iMA to anyone who wants to develop themselves and their effectiveness in communicating with others.”
Martin Durrant
Elite Selecton
iMA Essentials Workshop

iMA Essentials

The iMA Essentials Workshop is a 1/2 day training session that provides participants with the skills, knowledge and awareness to make impactful improvements to how they communicate and interact with others.

Whether participants are in the front line or back office, in management or production, customer service or administration, sales or technical, they learn and understand the language of iMA and are able to utilise it immediately on their return to work.
iMA High Performance Team Builder Workshop

iMA High
Team Builder Workshop

Through the iMA High Performance Team Builder Workshops participants learn to recognise the needs of every team member and create the desire to achieve the goals of the company.

Through greater understanding of why people do what they do, the workshop introduces a systematic approach where people are treated the way they want to be treated resulting in increased cooperation and reduced tension.

This makes the process of motivating, delegating, planning and supervising enjoyable and meaningful for every member of the team.

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