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PlusOne Dynamics works with companies around the world and conducts iMA Auditing & Reporting, iMA Workshops, iMA Staff & Team training. We also perform International Business Development, Strategic Business Analysis & Solutions Development, Global product promotion & representation of "selective" product ranges.  Contact PoD today.

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Update - What's Happening @ PoD
in 2013

Hey there, <<First Name>>!

We trust you have survived the festive season with minimal fallout from all that tempting Christmas food, wine and ideally experienced some of that "enforced relaxation"!   Here at PoD we took the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with family, then participate in a little Christmas cheer with friends, colleagues and clients.  A few days getaway to Mount Maunganui was also squeezed in, (see below for our review of accommodation), as was the inclusion of many walks, day tramps and beach visits in 5 of New Zealand's many beautiful native reserves.

Last year allowed PoD to actively expand our iMA Strategies, Audits and Workshops to a greater audience in New Zealand and Australia which provided enhanced Project Team formation and significantly improved team connectivity for our clients.  In 2013 PoD will continue to focus on building high performing teams; teams that connect and communicate effectively with each other and teams that engage effectively with their clients and stakeholders.

We invite you to take a look at our iMA Strategies & services - and Contact Us for a chat about how our iMA Strategies and Workshops can assist with improving the culture within your business, the way that your teams interact and lifting the morale, productivity and sales outcomes for your staff.  Find out more by watching our short video [ CLICK HERE ]

We have extended our Australasian partnership with Network Sunday for 2013 which returns a unique and personalised service that allows clients to engage in conversations with key decision makers in their target markets.  We invite you to contact us to discuss how our Network Sunday service provision could significantly assist you with engaging in conversations at the "right level".

Here at PoD we are passionate about inspiring solutions to achieve business growth and achieve real change.  We are REAL people with extensive professional backgrounds, substantial skills and international business experience that can benefit you!

This is your personal invitation to come and connect with us. Engage with us. We want to get to know you!

Jayne Albiston & Grant Dickson
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PlusOne Dynamics Ltd
P.O. Box 302 154 - North Harbour, Auckland 0751 - NEW ZEALAND

PlusOne Dynamics - What is iMA Video
Facebook unveils new search engine

Facebook unveils new search engine

Facebook has revealed a new search engine called “Graph Search”, unveiled at the company’s eagerly anticipated press event this morning [16.01.2013].  Unveiled by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the social media giant says the search engine will leverage their one billion members’ 240 billion photos and one trillion interpersonal connections.

Labelled as a new way to navigate these connections, Graph Search takes Facebook back to their roots, allowing users to use the graph to make new connections.  Zuckerberg was keen to stress that the company is still in the “very early” stage of development of the project however, which is currently only available in English.  

“Facebook’s mission is to make the world more open and connected,” Zuckerberg said.  “The main way we do this is by giving people the tools to map out their relationships with the people and things they care about. We call this map the graph.  “It’s big and constantly expanding with new people, content and connections. There are already more than a billion people, more than 240 billion photos and more than a trillion connections....
Turner Hopkins

Team Work Translates to Success!

The modern work culture totally depends on working as a team. In an office, every department has to work in tandem, coordinating and co-operating with other colleagues. However, achieving total team efficiency is a difficult task as each individual works with a different mindset. It is not uncommon to see personality clashes at workplaces, as everyone’s style of working is different. It is, therefore, essential for any manager to create a sense of togetherness in the team and restore some sense of discipline.

Simply giving out a guideline regarding the work process is not enough. A manager’s job is to make sure that each team member shares a common outlook at work.

There are various team building exercises that can not only improve team work but also boost each individual’s confidence as well. There are many fun activities which corporate offices undertake to boost a sense of trust, comfort and confidence among team members.

Team building activities reap benefits

It is a common knowledge that in order to get any work done, working as a team is necessary. However, it is often seen that we tend to incline towards people we are comfortable with. Corporate learning programs aim at helping people open up to people they don’t often interact with. These programs aim to promote healthy communication. Team building...

Oue Latest Accommodation Review

Accommodation Review

Sleepless Night 2-3 of 5 stars
(January - 2013)
Unfortunately a sleepless and disappointing night at this motel. The location is a comfortable 10 minute walk to Main Street in the Mount where there is a plethora of awesome dining and bar experiences.
We rented a studio unit, which was pretty basic but clean and tidy and of large and reasonable size. Unfortunately a large group of rowdy drunk guests returned to the complex at 1am and were noisy etc. The Manager was onto it quickly, however it wasn't over until 3.30am. Obviously it's that time of year at the Mount and the Motel Management were apologetic the next morning.
The biggest issue was the total lack of any sound proofing between rooms and even the outside. We could hear all the goings on outside our unit AND the unit next to ours, so when paying a premium price for a studio unit, not having any sound proofing was disappointing.  There was the normal ...
Take our iMA Questionnaire

iMA Style Questionnaire

Our simple and quick FREE 10-question online questionnaire that takes just 2 minutes to complete and identifies a person’s dominant pattern of behaviour (iMA Style). Once a person’s dominant pattern of behaviour is defined, this will tell you what makes her/him tick:
  • How she/he thinks
  • How she/he likes to give and receive information
  • How she/he operates under stress
  • Her/his strengths and weaknesses
  • How best to manage, motivate, delegate and criticise that person

The FREE iMA Style Questionnaire is a precursor for the PlusOne Dynamics iMA Human Resource Audit and all of our iMA Workshops, which when combined will lead to:
  • Improved communication between individuals, teams, departments and across the entire organisation
  • Increased co-operation leading to improved organisational effectiveness
  • Reduced stress and tension
  • Improved rapport building
  • Increased self-awareness and understanding of others
  • Improved working relationships
iMA Human Resource Audit

iMA Human Resource Audit

The PlusOne Dynamics iMA Human Resource Audit is a fast, simple and effective management tool that will help you to recognise and utilise your company’s human resources.  The Audit includes a comprehensive PlusOne Dynamics iMA Audit report and is supported by a 45 minute consultation with one of our Qualified Practitioners regarding the report contents.

“I would recommend iMA to anyone who wants to develop themselves and their effectiveness in communicating with others.”
Martin Durrant
Elite Selecton
iMA Essentials Workshop

iMA Essentials

The iMA Essentials Workshop is a 1/2 day training session that provides participants with the skills, knowledge and awareness to make impactful improvements to how they communicate and interact with others.

Whether participants are in the front line or back office, in management or production, customer service or administration, sales or technical, they learn and understand the language of iMA and are able to utilise it immediately on their return to work.
iMA High Performance Team Builder Workshop

iMA High
Team Builder Workshop

Through the iMA High Performance Team Builder Workshops participants learn to recognise the needs of every team member and create the desire to achieve the goals of the company.

Through greater understanding of why people do what they do, the workshop introduces a systematic approach where people are treated the way they want to be treated resulting in increased cooperation and reduced tension.

This makes the process of motivating, delegating, planning and supervising enjoyable and meaningful for every member of the team.

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