Transitional Council Newsletter

December 13, 2011
Volume 3, Issue 4


Transitional Council Members

Vice President:

Joanne Pritchard-Sobhani
Lynn Bowering
Cedric K.T. Cheung, Ian Eng, James Fu, 

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President’s Message
Joanne Pritchard-Sobhani
I am humbled and grateful for the trust that Council have bestowed in electing me as the new President of the Transitional Council of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario.
I wish to acknowledge our immediate past President, Cedric K. T. Cheung and our first president of the transitional Council for his commitment and outstanding leadership over the last 3 years.  There is not enough time or paper to fully capture his contributions. Cedric from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of all members, THANK YOU!  You led us through many challenges. You never doubted that the day will come in which regulation of the practice of traditional Chinese medicine is a reality. Today, we witness the unfolding of this vision. We are grateful that you will continue to serve on the Executive Committee to ensure continuity and progress.
Before the end of this year, we shall submit our final piece of draft regulation, the Quality Assurance Regulation, to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for review and approval. We look forward to receive approval of the proposed Registration Regulation and the Professional Misconduct Regulation soon.
In the months ahead, we shall focus our activities to formally establish the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario by March 2013. Some may question our ability to accomplish such a target. We recognize the amount of work involved. In our recently approved work plan for 2012-2013, we laid out the activities that are to be accomplished. Top on our list is to help practitioners prepare for registration before submitting applications in the summer of 2012. 
As soon as practicable in early 2012, we shall offer 4 information sessions on registration preparation, and start offering the Jurisprudence Course. In the spring, we shall start offering the Safety Program. We shall strive to give practitioners enough time to complete the mandatory programs before application starts.  

 I recognize that transition can be challenging.  The unknown could generate fear.  I would like to take this opportunity to assure everyone that it is our goal to prepare the profession and support you to gain registration in the interest of public safety. The profession’s challenges may be new; the tools with which we meet them may seem foreign, but, I assure you - our primary objective is to register each and every member in the spirit of openness, fairness, objectivity and transparency. I encourage you, as professionals of traditional Chinese medicine, to seize whole-heartedly and proudly our new role as a Regulated Profession.  We are accountable to the public in the delivery of safe, competent and ethical services.
On behalf of the transitional Council, I wish you a Happy Holiday and a Joyous, Successful New Year.

Word of Thanks from Immediate Past President
The immediate Past President, Cedric K.T. Cheung, at the last Council meeting, extended grateful thanks to fellow members, legal counsel, the staff and members of the community for their support in the past three years.
Cedric was elected to the office of President at the Inaugural Meeting of the Transitional Council in 2008. At the meeting held on November 21, 2011, he stated, “I am not seeking re-election as President of the transitional Council … because of my personal commitments to my family.  I feel I can best serve the TCM community and general public as a member of the Executive Committee at this time.”
Highlights of the 16th Meeting of the Transitional Council
The transitional Council held its 16th meeting on November 21, 2011. Nineteen members of the public and the TCM community came to observe the proceedings.  Key decisions were made:
Election of New Officers
The transitional Council was saddened to hear that Cedric Cheung decided to remain on the Executive Committee but not to seek re-election as President of the transitional Council due to family commitments. 
New officers were acclaimed:
President Joanne Pritchard-Sobhani
Vice-President Lynn Bowering
Members Cedric Cheung 
  Ian Eng
  James Fu

Approved Submission of Draft Quality Assurance Regulation
The transitional Council approved submission to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care the draft Quality Assurance Regulation which was circulated for consultation from July 12 to September 30, 2011.
Approved the 2012-2013 Workplan
The planned activities and programs aim at formally establishing the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario by April 1, 2013.  Starting early in 2012, the transitional Council will focus on preparing practitioners for registration. It will offer:
  • Information sessions on how to prepare for registration
  • The two mandatory programs that practitioners must successfully complete before application for registration, namely, the Jurisprudence Course and the Safety Program
Dates for offer of these activities will be posted on the website.
Quality Assurance Program Presentation
The transitional Council was grateful to have Mr. Joel Friedman, Director, Policy and Research, of the College of Chiropractors of Ontario (CCO) presenting on the Quality Assurance Program of the CCO. Mr. Friedman explained the non-punitive nature of the program as reflected in the components “self and peer assessments”, the “Professional Portfolio” and CCO’s support to members through monitoring and standards setting. CCO is successful in engaging their members in compliance and in public protection.
Professional Incorporation Presentation
Mr. Richard Steinecke, legal counsel, explained that while there are currently no restrictions on business incorporation of current practitioners, when the College is formally established, practitioners who incorporate as businesses will have to incorporate as health profession corporations when they become registered members of the College.  All shareholders, officers and directors of the health profession corporation must be registered members of the College.  There are rules regarding the naming of the health profession corporation and the corporation cannot carry on any business that is not the practice of traditional Chinese medicine. The College will establish By-Laws on professional incorporation.  Practitioners are advised to consult their lawyers for advice.

TC-CTCMPAO Office Holidays
The transitional Council office will be closed for holidays, from December 23rd. The office will reopen on January 3rd. The members and staff of the Transitional Council of College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario wish you a happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!
Registration Examination Standards
We have received many questions lately regarding advertisements of certain educational institutes making the claim that their programs meet the examination standards to be set by TC-CTCMPAO.
Please be aware that the TC-CTCMPAO has not yet set any examination standards. TC-CTCMPAO also has not approved, accredited or recognized any educational institutions and educational programs in Ontario.


過渡委員會主席Joanne Pritchard-Sobhani引言:



在剛過去的過渡委員會會議上,前任主席張金達(Cedric K.T. Cheung) 感謝各位委員會成員,法律顧問,註冊總監,所有職員及業界在過去三年多的支持。
過渡委員會非常為遺憾得悉首任主席張金達(Cedric Cheung)因家庭原因決定不再尋求連任過渡委員會主席,但仍留任執委會委員。 
主席 Joanne Pritchard-Sobhani
副主席  Lynn Bowering
委員 Cedric Cheung 張金達
  Ian Eng
  James Fu 傅建平

批准2012-2013 工作計劃
  • 有關如何準備註冊的信息說明會
  • 執業者在申請註冊前必須順利完成的兩個必修擴課程,即「法例常識課程」和「安全計劃課程」
過渡委員會有幸請到安省症脊治療醫管理局(College of Chiropractors of Ontario,CCO)註冊及研究總監弗里曼(Joel Friedman)先生來介紹CCO的品質保證計劃。弗里曼解釋了該計劃的本質不在於懲罰,正如『自我及同行評估』和『專業組合』等成份所反映,CCO通過監控設定及標準來支持註冊會員。CCO在督促會員遵守規章及公眾保障方面已有成功先例。
法律顧問Richard Steinecke先生解釋了執業者註冊公司的要求:雖然對現有執業者不受限制可註冊公司,但在管理局正式成立後,註冊為有限公司的執業者將必須改為註冊醫療專業有限公司。該醫療專業有限公司的所有股東、管理人員及董事都必須是本管理局的註冊成員。該醫療專業有限公司的命名需遵守相關規例,公司亦不得提供中醫執業範圍以外的業務。管理局將制訂有關專業有限公司的附例。過渡委員會建議執業者向其律師徵詢有關意見。


過渡委員會辦公室將在節日期間 - 12月23日至1月3日關閉
安省中醫師及針灸師管理局過渡委員會在此祝大家聖誕快樂, 新年!
最近不斷有來電, 詢問關於一些教育學院,聲稱其開辦的課程將符合安省中醫師及針灸師管理局過渡委員會(TC - CTCMPAO) 2013年立法後的考試標準。

( 註:中文翻譯僅供參考, 如與英文文意有出入,則以英文版本為準。)

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