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Well the hot, humid summer weather has all but gone now. With cooler days and evenings it’s the perfect time to be out and about in the garden, doing some hard, physical work if needed. If you’re looking after children during these school holidays or perhaps over the ANZAC Day long weekend, why not spend some quality time in the garden. Children of all ages will benefit from stirring and spreading compost, counting ‘critters’, watering, weeding and just enjoying fresh air. The best part? It can be very low cost, or even free, and you’ll be creating wonderful, rich memories.

Another great FREE family activity children young and old will enjoy is the Hornsby Shire Environment Festival at Berowra Community and Cultural Facility, Gully Road, Berowra on Saturday 4 June, 10am-2pm. The day will be packed with fun, Children’s Entertainment and activities, story-tellers, crop and swap, sausage sizzle, baked goodies, fairtrade coffee and Council’s native plant giveaway. Come and say hi to Amanda at the Waste Education Van for a special Compost Revolution gift.

To do in the Garden

  • Autumn is a good time to plant parsley, silverbeet, spinach, peas, snow peas, cauliflower and broccoli…the list goes on.
  • Add prunings to your compost bin. These woody additions build organic matter levels to the soil. Be careful not to add diseased prunings. These would be better in your green lid garden waste bin.
  • Rake up autumn leaves and add to your compost. Remember to add a diversity of compost ingredients as you go.
  • Ensure your compost bin and worm farm is covered with a hessian sack or similar natural, breathable material and the lid is on. This will ensure essential moisture is kept inside, creating a wonderful, rich product for use in your garden.
  • Spread finished compost and mulch under fruit trees so they can feed on your free, natural fertiliser. If you have a worm farm, add worm liquid as well.


Home made Herbed Mayonnaise 

Autumn is generally the last chance to use herbs such as basil before they die back. Herbs are great in salad dressings and vinegars, or try this herbed mayonnaise to spread on sandwiches or serve with grilled fish.

Makes 450ml
(from the Vegie Patch Cookbook through the year, edited by Caroline Bretherton)

2 tbsp white wine vinegar
1 egg and 2 egg yolks
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp light brown sugar
1 garlic clove
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
300ml sunflower oil
30g basil, or other green herbs such as dill, sorrel, mint or coriander

  1. Put the vinegar, egg, egg yolks, mustard, sugar, and garlic in a food processor and add ½ teaspoon each of salt and pepper. With the motor running, slowly pour in the oil in a steady stream until the sauce is thick and creamy.
  2. Transfer to a bowl and stir in the finely chopped herbs until they are thoroughly incorporated.
Note: a squeeze of lemon or lime juice, or a dash of chilli, can also be added to the finished mayonnaise. The sauce may be made 2-3 days in advance, and chilled until ready to use.

The Key to Fantastic Compost

Remember the ADAM principle to create, wonderful, rich compost to use in your garden or pots.

  • A- Aliveness. We are aiming to attract a range of friendly insects, not just worms! These living organisms all have an important role to play in creating the right conditions for good compost.
  • D- Diversity. To ensure we have a range of insects, we need to feed our compost approximately equal parts of WET materials such as food scraps, coffee, grounds, tea leaves and DRY materials such as twigs, sticks, leaves, saw dust, vacuum cleaner dust, shredded paper, lucerne, etc.
  • A- Air. Air is essential for life so stir your compost with a compost turner or garden fork each time you add to it. This will help your compost to have a pleasant smell.
  • M- Moisture. We are aiming for a slightly wet, but not dripping wet system.
To ensure you don’t have a sludgy, smelly compost bin, always have the ADAM principle in the back of your mind. To ensure a range of DIVERSE compost ingredients add approximate equal portions of a mix of food scraps (wet) and garden materials such as twigs, leaves, sticks (dry). And remember, stir, stir and stir for AIR.

We hold FREE face-to-face workshops and events. Remember bookings are essential as spaces are limited for workshops. For full details and to book, visit or phone Council’s Waste Hotline on 9847 4856.

Kimbriki Tour and Eco Gardening Talk
Wednesday 11 May, 9am – 2.45pm
Bus leaves 9.15am, Hornsby Park bus stop, Hornsby

On the tour of the Kimbriki site you will see how your green waste is transformed into a usable garden product. We will then stop at the Eco Garden and hear a short talk on eco gardening.
Free. Bookings essential, spaces are limited. Book online

Chipping for Mulch
Sunday 15 May
8am – 2.45pm
The Old Dog Pound, next to 8 Warrigal Dr (RFS), Westleigh
Bring along your green waste for chipping and take home free mulch. For information about what is accepted see Council's website. Free. No bookings necessary.

Eco Garden Talk and Tour
Sunday 15 May, 10am to 12:30pm
Gazebo, Eco Garden, Fagan Park, Galston
Are you keen to make your garden more environmentally friendly, productive and healthy? Enjoy a morning at the Eco Garden and discover what makes it grow so well including; permaculture, no dig gardening, companion planting, food forests, native plants, bees, green manure crops, composting and more.
Free. Bookings essential, spaces are limited. Book online

Recycling Tour
Tuesday 7 June 9am –1pm
Bus leaves 9.15am, Hornsby Park bus stop, Hornsby

Ever wondered what happens to the mix of materials in your yellow bin. Come on a tour of the Materials Recycling Facility and find out how your paper is recycled from your plastic containers
Free. Bookings essential. Book online

Non Toxic Pest Management
Sunday 26 June 10am - 12.30pm
Gazebo, Eco Garden, Fagan Park, Galston
Have you been thinking about better options for managing pest and disease? Discover the simple and effective prevention and treatment strategies that are used at the Eco Garden that you can use at home including; compost, plants, predators, barrier, traps and sprays.
Free. Bookings essential. Book online


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