Happy New Year ! 
2014 is shaping up to be a fantastic year!

January 2014; A New Year and new beginnings.

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SarahAs we roll into the New Year, I can  hardly believe we are 2/3 of the way through the month already. You know what they say "time flies when you're having fun". If you follow us on twitter @Sarah2020labs or @2020SeedLabs you will know that we have been in Kuwait this month.  20/20 Seed labs Inc has been involved in a project with the Kuwait ministry of agriculture. We have been given the opportunity to develop germination protocols for various keystone species that are native to their desert.  You may not be aware that over grazing and the damage caused by the Iraq war has threatened these plants to the point of almost becoming extinct. in addition we are designing a seed testing laboratory, training individuals to become analysts and consulting on various other important programs that will help towards revegetating the desert.  

Alberta Association of Municipal Seed Plant Managers 

Last week we were honoured to host the Assoc' of seed cleaning plant managers at our new facility. We were very happy to showcase our laboratories and demonstrate the importance of standardized testing, regulated and controlled equipment, and new or novel techniques. This group represents Alberta's seed quality network and we consider their involvement with us a strong partnership. Their input regarding testing and quality is paramount in assuring we provide the kinds of tests that are not only valid, but represent the diverse needs of each of these establishments.  This meeting is always a great kick off (or should I say "face off" since its hockey season) for the rest of this season. There's more exciting times to come with the ASGA meeting, FarmTech and all of the industry trade shows which are going back to back for the next two months. 

Alternative Service Delivery for Crop Inspection.

Seed Growers by now have been informed that their crops will be inspected by an Authorized Seed Crop Inspection service for 2014 (ASCIS). We have partnered with AgCall Canada's most respected executive agricultural recruitment firm working under the operating name of CropInspect. 20/20 Seed Labs Inc has been offering crop inspection services to the Hybrid Canola companies for 20 consecutive years so we consider ourselves to be very well versed in both the inspection and the transfer of the technical information. We have a number of licensed inspectors who will be working and walking for CropInspect, including myself and we will be available across the Prairies. We have positioned ourselves to provide educated, dependable, cost effective and timely online information. Please contact Kevin Zaychuk at or visit  to make arrangements for your fields to be inspected or just to find out more information about our collaborative services.

Seed Testing Know-how   "Don't let hindsight be 2020."
The seed testing season is well under way and as we get close to Spring it becomes more important to know that the seed you have in store for planting has not fallen out of spec. We have numerous low vigour numbers this year on cereals. It is very important to ensure that this seed has been tested with a standard recognized method that will represent field conditions. We recommend that all cereals should be retested as soon as possible with a repeat germination and vigour.  Once you have the revised results you will be able to make an educated decision about either seeding more seeds per acre or sourcing new seed.  There are regions in Alberta that certainly have pockets of poor vigour. In addition do not forget to ask for a 1000 kernel weight to establish the correct seeding rate.  The 1000 kernel weight is part of the '3 critical tests'.  Click here for more information.  The anticipated emergence will depend very much on your vigour number as well as your germination. The vigour test represents the lowest field emergence number that you are likely to get. Please keep in  mind that we have proven field results with recent demonstration plots in Southern Alberta.


There has never been a more exciting time in Agriculture and it shows!  Especially when you take a minute to visit us at the upcoming shows. We appreciate your time and value the opportunity to discuss your seed testing needs and will always endeavor to provide solutions for your farm or business.  Come and see us at:
  • The ASGA meeting next week  January 26 - 27 at the Westin Hotel
  • and at #FarmTech14 January 28-30 2014.
Enter to win a Professional cereal or pea package at both events.

I will be at ASGA and FarmTech and ready to discuss crop inspection. 

Grader Training for Authorized Establishments.

20/20 Seed labs Inc offers grader training for seed plant operators or any individual interested in becoming a grader. Courses are offered four times a year or on demand. Our next course will be offered on June 18 - 20 2014 at the Nisku laboratory. The cost of the course is $600.00 person, material is provided as well as the opportunity to write both the CSI and CFIA exam during the course.  Please contact me

Some native plants of Kuwait

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