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Dear valued customer:
We will be moving soon...again!

Please ensure you have our new address on correspondence and all shipments to the lab: 507-11th Ave, Nisku, AB T9E 7N5
We moved at the end of June into temporary digs.  And soon will be moving into our new lab.  There may be telephone service disruptions during the final move in late December and we apologize in advance if you don't get us on your first try.  Thank you for your patience and we look forward to hosting you in our new building soon.


Seed Quality Update


Mother Nature has her way of reminding us that she really works the magic or casts the spells. 
This season she has done both, germination and vigour  results are coming back very strong. This year we haven’t seen the dormancy, frost or troubling delays with germination, but we have certainly seen our fair share of pathogens.
Cereals and Pulse crops are affected the most; we are finding higher levels of Fusarium graminearum on cereals which can sometimes result in a retest because one infected seed can cause so much secondary infection.  

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Show season has also kicked off, the first one being the Ag Show in Red Deer several weeks ago and now the Farming Smarter Conference in Medicine Hat is underway.   We will be there too, in fact Shay Isleifson our office manager will be at the booth, as well as myself.  Please drop by and see us. We have some interesting topics on our display and also some trade show specials, BUT you have to come by to qualify!! We look forward to seeing you there.
See you all soon,

Sarah Foster


Triffid Flax Testing

The Flax testing forms have been updated.  Please submit one form with each sample.  They are available in a fillable pdf format. Click here for more details.

Please contact us at 1-877-420-2099 for more information.  Press '0' and talk to Susan.

Fusarium is on the increase

Although Alberta seed producers have done an excellent job of managing the risks associated with diseases, many of our clients have been concerned about Fusarium graminearum in their cereals this season and have been requesting more disease testing.  Click here for more details.


Seed Row - Q & A with our clients in the seed industry


Claude Mencke, Manager, Falher Co-operative Seed Cleaning Plant Ltd.

1.  How does 20/20 Seed Labs fit into the Falher Seed Cleaning Plants operations?

20/20 Seed Labs plays an integral part of our incoming seed analysis. All cereals are tested for Fusarium. If there is anything found, we will not clean the product. Also we test canola for blackleg and cleavers and again if any are found, we do not clean the product. 20/20 Seed Labs has given consistent quality service to us and are very cooperative and friendly.

Sampling Courses
ISTA Rules

Learn and review sampling techniques, sampling frequency and handling samples inclusing security seals and chain of custody.

Please contact us at 1-877-420-2099 for more information.  Press 114 for Kevin.

Grading Courses

Seed grading courses available for seed plant managers, operators or anyone requiring additional knowledge of grade tables, weed seeds and regulations. 
Contact Sarah at 1-877-420-2099 ext. 116 for more information.  

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