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8 Intriguing Clinical Trial Tidbits

Patient-Centeredness in the Design of Clinical Trials
The terms "patient-centered" and "patient-centric" seem to have entered the clinical trial lexicon in full force. However the unbridled use of these terms, if not paired with meaningful discourse, will not be sufficient to bring about changes in clinical trials. This article is firmly planted in meaningful discourse territory and is a must read for anyone serious about the topic.

Q&A With Jean Burns: Insights from a Study Volunteer
Jean Burns has participated in 8 clinical trials focusing on Parkinson's disease. In this interview with Kenneth Getz, Jean shares her experiences and insights with regard to clinical trial participation. Much of what she shares is eye-opening to say the least.

Web-based trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of tolterodine ER 4 mg in participants with overactive bladder: REMOTE trial
Pfizer's REMOTE trial, often described as a "virtual" trial, has spurred much discussion since it was first announced in 2011. And now we have new details. Pfizer formally published results of the REMOTE virtual trial in the July issue of Contemporary Clinical Trials. You can also read a discussion of the article at the Polaris Consultants blog post here.

Clinical Trials – There’s An App For That!
Eli Lilly's Clinical Open Innovation (LCOI) team searched for clinical trial apps and shared their results in a blog post. In total they found 107 clinical trial apps. They classified the apps in the following categories: helping patients find a trial, helping patients manage their trial activities, helping doctors find trials to recommend, and helping researchers gather and interpret data. 

Industry Usage of Social and Digital Media Communities in Clinical Research
Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) convened a working group of 20 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to study the use of social and digital media in clinical research. The report contains great data, but I had some difficulty extracting meaning from that data due to the conflation of social and digital media (not the same thing).

First Pediatric Autism Study Conducted Entirely Online
UC San Francisco researchers have completed the first Internet-based clinical trial for children with autism. The study evaluated whether omega-3 fatty acids helped reduce hyperactivity in children with autism. Researchers recruited participants from the Interactive Autism Network's (IAN) community of parents and completed the study within 3 months.

In Clinical Trials, Small is Beautiful
Approximately 10% of labels for treatments approved by the FDA now have pharmacogenomics information. With this growing interest in personalized medicine, "N-of-1" trials offer new potential, particularly for orphan indications and cancer treatments that are prescribed following genetic testing.

J&J's Approach To Capturing Disruptive Innovation In Clinical Trials
In 2012 J&J formed the Clinical Trial Innovation (CTI) group, which is tasked with developing solutions to modernize clinical trials, improve data quality, and enhance the clinical trial process for patients and investigators. This interview with CTI head Andreas Koester, MD, PhD offers a nice glimpse into the inner workings of CTI. 

Conference Discounts

The Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials (dPharm) conference is September 11-12 in Boston, MA. Conference organizers are offering friends of Rebar Interactive a 15% discount. To claim the discount, enter 'REBAR' during registration. Interestingly, this year dPharm also includes a 1-day preconference event Mobile and Clinical Trials: How Mobile is Innovating Clinical Trials.

The Patient-Centered Clinical Trials conference is September 4-5 in Boston, MA. Conference organizers are offering friends of Rebar Interactive a $200 discount. To claim the discount, enter ‘CT14RG1’ during registration.

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