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Harlequin’s Gardens Holiday Gift Market Final Weekend!


Winter Greetings!
We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Winter Solstice and Holiday Season full of good cheer, good company, good health, good food and the spirit of generosity.  

If you are looking for LOCAL, SUSTAINABLE, UNIQUE, QUALITY gifts (or things for yourself), please check out our Holiday Gift Market.  We have continued to re-stock and add wonderful new items! You’ll find inspired, affordable gifts of all kinds for almost everyone on your list, many of them one-of-a-kind, and many not available anywhere else.  We’ve got everything from Hostess gifts and Stocking Stuffers to wonderful ‘Main-Course’ gifts.  See the ‘photo gallery’ below.


Open 10 ~ 5
this Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
(Dec. 17-20)

and Christmas Eve, Thursday, Dec. 24

After December 24, Harlequin’s Gardens
will be closed until March 3, 2016



This week you will find some items on sale at significant discounts –

Spring-blooming Bulbs, 50% off

Succulent Houseplants, 30% off 


Ritual Chocolate bars,15% off

Come in to find additional unadvertised bargains

We are profoundly grateful that the response to our market this year has been fantastic, and we’re having such a great time doing it! 

Several new comments came in this week:
"LOVE your holiday market!
Products by our local creatives are always preferred,
and these are some of the best I've seen.
The intimate setting and helpful advice on beekeeping items
were also welcome. Thanks!"

"So warm and cozy -
wish I could have stayed longer to keep shopping!
Beautiful music, too! May have to go back next weekend..."

"Of course the music was lovely and the quality of the artisans.
There were also some tasty morsels to sample.
The atmosphere was festive."



Just like us, bees huddle together indoors when it is snowy and cold.  For them, it is all about protecting the queen and the small amount of brood rearing that is going on.  Honeybees live longer in the winter months because they don’t wear themselves out foraging for honey and pollen.  On warm days (above 50) they will leave the hive and take “cleansing flights”, which means exactly what it sounds like!  They will also freely access honey stores in the top box.  Many beekeepers have already put pollen and/or sugar patties on top of the bottom brood box where the bees can easily access it.  The bees rotate from the inside to the outside of the cluster and may grab a nip of food while on the outside.   If you put your ear to the outside opening of the hive you can hear the gentle buzz of the colony generating warmth.  Sadly, many of the bees on the outside of the cluster sacrifice themselves to keep their sisters and the queen warm.   Fingers are crossed and hopes are high that the colony will survive the cold dark nights and have enough food in their reserves (and with some supplementation).

Solitary and native bees, even bumblebees, do not over-winter as a colony.  Only the queen, and in some cases larvae, are present in nesting boxes, holes in wood or underground.  Their chances of surviving the winter are much better than a honeybee hive.


Gloves are always a welcome gift because as the beekeeper works the hives, they get sticky and stiff from propolis and honey.  They don’t really wash well and need to be replaced.  The ones we carry in the Bee Barn tend to run quite large so be sure to buy a size or even two smaller than regular gloves.  It’s no fun to have bits of glove hanging off the end of your fingers getting caught between frames and the hive.
Log Book – Every good beekeeper should keep records of the status of their hives every time they look in the hive or observe bee behavior.  We carry the “Mighty Giant” version which is bright yellow with weatherproof pages.
Hive Tools – Beekeepers love their hive tools and like to have different ones for different uses.  If the beekeeper on your list only has the regular hive tool, they will appreciate receiving one of the more unusual ones such as the extra long or the multi-tool.
Books – We have a number of great books including the textbook for the Boulder County Beekeepers’ Beekeeping Class, which will start in January.  One book that is extremely popular is the recently published Beekeeping, Mentor in a Book by local beekeeper Donald Studinsky.  This is a valuable, month by month guide to beekeeping packed with valuable information including the recipe for making your own sugar patties.


Come in and check out our metal bee garden stakes, queen bee key rings, books about gardening for bees and native pollinators, bee hand puppets from Folkmanis, locally hand-made majolica bee bowls, mugs and candle sticks and, of course, our huge selection of locally-crafted beeswax candles.

Still don’t know what to give?  Talk with one of our beekeepers on staff, either Engrid, Diane or Amy is there every day the Holiday Market is open, for even more great ideas and of course a Harlequin's Gift Certificate suits everyone!
Thank you for your continued support!

Warmly,Eve & Mikl Brawner
and the Wonderful Staff at Harlequin’s Gardens

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