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Infographic Traffic

 Living in modern day means we the people want our information not just fast, but now. It seems that now, even the shortest blog post takes up too much time, which is why NowSourcing is moving forward and we're ready to rock the world of infographics. Founder of NowSourcing, Brian Wallace, was recently featured on WordStream for his extremely successful Earth Day Inforgraphic. According to Wallace:

         "people really don’t read much on the web. Most people scan and do what is called chunking, quickly scanning for headings, images, bold, bullet points and the like. Infographics give the viewer some pretty slick pneumonic hooks so they’ll remember typically for a longer period after viewing the infographic versus text-based content." (Full Interview)

 If your company is concerned about it's online image and site/blog views it is time to consider getting into the infographic market. People find them fun, interesting, and to the point. The infographic is the spawn of a visual mind and tech savvy love affair - where the best of both worlds meet and everyone is happy, informed, and making money.

The NowSourcing Team Gets A New Office

Oh the magic of space! June 2011 marks the date that NowSourcing moved to the fourth floor of the Professional Towers building in Dupont Circle. Our once tight quarters have evolved into a lavish 1750 square feet, and we couldn't be happier. The extra elbow room makes for a much better work space and now we can turn Pandora up. So for our frequent visitors and soon to be visitors, the new space is perfect to discuss your companies needs in social media and even have a little fun. 

NowSourcing Interns On Social Media

Interns Chris Shoenfelder and Jay Vasse share their ideas on social media and interning at NowSourcing...
 "Working with social media at NowSourcing has been an amazing opportunity. We're working on the cutting edge of marketing to develop new strategies for the future."
-Chris Schoenfelder
 "Social media marketing is such an exciting field to be in. You never know what the next big thing will be, so you must stay at the forefront. NowSourcing has given me the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of online marketing, while still being able to test and explore the latest web opportunities."
-Jay Vasse
"Social media infographics are a great way to compress a great deal of information into a relatively small space and reading time." - Brian Wallace, NowSourcing, Inc.

Why Blogging Isn't Dead

by Kristina Carpenter, Social Media Strategist and Content Advisor for NowSourcing, Inc.

 Blogging should be considered imperative to online marketing and image. Lately, there has been accusations that blogging is dead, and while it has evolved over the years, it is far from dead. Without blogging we lose a lot of our online content and information - this content that is usually then shared on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social site. 
One must also consider what blogging does for your popularity and image online. By updating your blog everyday, or close to it, you are promoting the content, your company, and yourself. You can mold this image exactly the way you see fit and the opportunities are endless. Blogging was the beginning of people getting their information out there, the information that helped form their or their company's identity online. This area of social media is far too substantial to ever have short shelf life.

Facebook Does Not Make You an Expert

by Cortland Alsop, Social Media Strategist and Administrator for NowSourcing, Inc.

There are many people that have had a Facebook page or a Twitter account for some time and think they can properly utilize all of the features. Maintaining and monitoring personal accounts requires daily visits to the social sites. Most companies realize that there is huge potential in the world of social media, but don't have a clue where to even start.
We typically see companies try to manage their accounts internally. We all think we are social media experts. We all grew up on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. However, managing accounts for a business is a different beast all together. With the current economy, many employees are wearing multiple hats and put managing social sites on the back burner to get other things done. It is vital to stay current in social media. Companies know that they need to be in the social media game today, but just having a Twitter and Facebook doesn't mean anything unless you know how to utilize it.

Online Marketing And NowSourcing

by Todd Millett, Social Media Strategist and Tech. Advisor for NowSourcing, Inc.

Nowadays, almost everyone takes it upon themselves to get involved and learn about products, hobbies, organizations, vacation spots, people, or anything else in which they are interested. The internet is becoming one of the most interactive elements of our society and it makes it possible for people to access information within minutes. That is one reason why I enjoy the work we do at NowSourcing. We get to help people and companies shine the light down the tunnel that the public is gazing into. Ultimately, our goal is to give consumers what they enjoy, while providing them with the messages our clients want to convey.
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