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Introducing The Communications Network Newsletter 

So, what is this? It's The Network's new newsletter. Each month, we'll showcase the best ideas and information from The Network and your peers in the social sector, as well as useful articles and things that put a smile on our face or made us ponder. 

And we don't want to do it alone. We want to hear from YOU. Have something worth sharing with your colleagues? An upcoming event? A useful new tool? Stumbled across the greatest cat GIF of all time? Let us know.

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From The Network (or: Shameless Plugs)

ComNet15 San Diego schedule is now live. We have a remarkable lineup of workshops, keynotes, and breakouts planned this year, as well as new features, like The Lab. Register now to guarantee your spot.

The Network is going local. In DC? Join us June 30th at the Case Foundation for the kickoff of ComNetworkDC, which marks the launch of ComNetworkLOCAL, our new effort to connect social sector communicators across the country. 

Webinar: Using Big Data to Solve Communications Challenges. (July 15 at 2pm ET) The CIA & NSA use narrative analytics to monitor and understand ideas and conversations happening around the world. Shouldn't the social sector? 

Your Audience Isn't Listening. Are You? Until you establish consistent methods for listening to, and truly hearing, what's going on around you, there is a high likelihood that your communications may miss their desired target. See the data or download a deck at

Surveying the Field

The Ford Foundation is changing its strategy. Its new blueprint, FordForward, will focus on addressing global inequality by disrupting five drivers of social injustice, writes Foundation president Darren Walker.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation's 2014 Annual Report is online publishing done right. If you were at ComNet14 last year, you heard Ezra Klein say anything you can print off the internet isn't using the internet correctly. Kellogg's report is visually arresting and beautifully weaves its message into an interactive and informative experience.

Your editorial calendar makes your content SUCK. So say the Ad Council and Ben Grossman. Learn to produce content that's data-driven, consumer-inspired, and conversation-led.

NPR launches its Storytelling Lab. The project will allow any employee to pursue "passion projects" in hopes of sparking innovation: "Anybody...can pitch to the lab...the person whose pitch is accepted will leave from all their duties for two weeks, and go into the lab."

And Now, a Word from Our SponsorA message from Hager Sharp

What We're Reading (So You Can Use It)

The definition of power is changing | Harvard Business Review 
"New power is...made by many, is participatory, and peer-driven. It uploads, and it distributes."  

19 tips on writing from The New Yorker | BuzzFeed
"I think negative stuff is interesting the first time; you’ll never reread a negative article. You’ll reread a positive one...optimism permits that kind of longevity." -Malcolm Gladwell

How to get the most out of side-door mobile traffic | NiemanLab
"No matter how good your content, some readers are going to leave a few grafs in; why not give them some other options...while you're at it?" 

The New York Times is trendy | The New York Times
The Times has released a beta version of Trending, a dashboard of NYTimes stories that are being shared, commented on, and read in real-time. 

Twitter is launching a live event coverage tool | Wired
Project Lightning will be the central feature of the platform going forward. If you choose to follow an event, human-curated tweets, complete with images and videos, will be woven into your timeline.

President Obama talks tech with Fast Company | Fast Company
"How can technology enhance the experience of democracy? How can we make it easier to vote? How can we make it easier for like-minded citizens to petition their government in a way that is meaningful?" 

Tristan's Three Things for Fun 

  1. The morning dew traced this dog's run. May all of our mornings be this happy.
  2. Ever wondered where that famous Nokia ringtone came from? Start listening at 0:11.
  3. A look at how English has changed over the past 1200 years. Rad.
The Selfie

Kimberly A.C. Wilson, Director of Communications at the Meyer Memorial Trust. Ask her what a manatee feels like.

Tune Up

We made you a playlist. Check out this month's collection, California Dreamin', for a few new and not-so-new  tunes to get you through the work day.

Have a great first Tuesday of summer! 

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