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From The Network (or: Shameless Plugs)

ComNet15 is officially SOLD OUT, and registration has closed. Sign up for our wait list here

In San Francisco on September 11? Join us and Atlantic Media Strategies for a lunch and briefing on today's emerging media trends based on The Atlantic's proprietary research. RSVP here.

Daily Show Head Writer and ComNet15 speaker Elliott Kalan recently spoke with The Network. Read what it's like to work with Jon Stewart and what communicators can learn from comedians.

Today, any organization can come under attack. Read When Your Story Is No Longer Yours for a ComNet15 preview on keeping your reputation intact.

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Surveying the Field
MacArthur Foundation President Julia Stasch recently penned her vision for MacArthur's future: "...The times demand that we question long-standing orthodoxies, established assumptions, comfortable practices, and even goals. This is as true for philanthropy as it is for governments, businesses, and other institutions." 

Strategic media engagement can amplify philanthropy. Join Exponent Philanthropy's webinar on Thursday to learn how. Use code "COMNET15" to register for free.

Buddy Philpot, The Walton Family Foundation's executive director for the past 15 years, is stepping down.

And Now, a Word from Our SponsorA message from Hager Sharp

What We're Reading (So You Can Use It)

Infographic: Zoo Animals and Post/Tweet Length | Contently
Key insights: tweets shorter than 100 characters have 17% higher engagement, the sweet spot for text on Facebook is 40 characters, and the ideal blog post length is 1,600 words.

How The Skimm Increased Readership | Nieman Lab
“Email was always the direction we were going to go in,” Weisberg said. “It’s nice to see that it’s come back in favor. But we always really believed that was the way to reach this demo.”

Who Brands Your Nonprofit and Tells Its Story? | Nonprofit Quarterly
"As these types of narratives have proliferated, nonprofit storytelling has become homogenized, with organizations making use of similar plotlines, structures, and conventions in order to express impact. How can we strengthen our identities if we only project a one-dimensional portrait that is controlled though a single point of view?"

Creative Visionaries's Tips for Unlocking New Ideas | Fast Company
"In fact, that openness paired with grit—the ability to overcome obstacles and stick to a task, a trait often cited by psychologist Angela Duckworth—is the most formidable combination in a creative mind, he says."

Tips to Upgrade Your Audio Storytelling | Prichard Communications
"If you want your audience to see it, first they have to be able to hear it. A powerful narration, a memorable interview or a rich soundscape can transport your listeners right to the heart of your mission..."

Lessons on Building a YouTube Content Strategy | Google
"...By 2017, 74% of all internet traffic will be video...Rather than using video exclusively as a storytelling mechanism, think of it as a tool for storymaking, in which the audience gets to take part."

Culture Report
Unequal Lives | Mary Reynold Babcock Foundation
"On nearly every social indicator of well-being — from income and earnings to obesity and food security — Black women, girls, and children in the rural South rank low or last.” 

Diversity and Commentary at NPR | NPR
"According to...NPR's vice president for diversity in news and fiscal year 2014...71 percent of NPR's sources were male, and 29 percent female. Broken down by race and ethnicity, 77 percent were white, 8 percent black, 8 percent Asian, 5 percent Latino, and 2 percent all other races."

Half the Life You Experience Is Over by Age 7 | The Washington Post
"This idea has stunning implications. It means that parents actually see their children grow up much faster than children perceive themselves to be. It means that waiting 24 days for Christmas at age 5 literally feels like waiting a year at age 54."

The Selfie
Matt Pusateri, Digital Strategist & Designer at Flying Dog Creative, and one-time cassette tape price tag removal assistant and Sorceror of Sound.

Tristan's Three Things for Fun 

  1. The most popular emoji in every state. Apparently Maine has super volcanoes?
  2. Hallucinate from the comfort of your office. Just stare into somebody's eyes for 10 minutes. Really.
  3. Banksy created an anti-Disney theme park, Dismaland

Tune Up 
We're huge tennis fans at ComNetwork headquarters, so in anticipation of the US Open starting next week, we present New York, New York.

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