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From The Network (or: Shameless Plugs)

Register now for ComNet15 in San Diego Sept 30 - Oct 2.  See this year's breakout sessions, keynote speakers, and who's coming. Sign up soon: nearly 70% of our tickets are gone.

Become a communications Jedi. Help shape this #ComNet15 breakout session through this anonymous survey.

ComNetworkLOCAL, The Network's new effort to gather social sector communicators where they live, has launched. Over 140 people have joined the ComNetworkDC pilot. See photos from the kickoff event at the Case Foundation. Want to start a LOCAL group in your city?

Only 10% of Americans can give an example of a foundation's impact on an issue they care about. Communication matters. Learn more at

Webinar Replay — Lessons from The Atlantic: Bridging the Curiosity Gap. The Atlantic explains how to increase digital engagement and get eyes on your content. Sign up for their #ComNet15 workshop, The Art of the Social Blockbuster: Building Audience on Today's Web, here.

Surveying the Field
Take your Giving Day to the next level. Knight Foundation, creator of the Giving Day Playbook, is hosting free webinars this summer on Giving Day that will progress from basic to advanced topics. 

Using a TED talk to make news. Patrick McCarthy, CEO of The Annie E. Casey Foundation, declares, "It's time to close youth prisons." 

A guide to strategic and sustainable nonprofit storytelling. Meyer Foundation's "Stories Worth Telling" is a comprehensive guide to story collection, creation, and sharing.

Google News Lab aims to help you. Learn how to use free Google tools to tell your story better. Lessons are available on topics including accessing data sets and historical publications, cultivating a YouTube audience, building interactive maps, using Google analytics, and much more.

Philanthropy is renewing Detroit“Violence and a lack of safety are demoralizing and heart-wrenching. So we made this conscious decision that we were no longer going to sit on the sidelines...we were going to stop letting the bad guys win.”

And Now, a Word from Our SponsorA message from Hager Sharp

What We're Reading (So You Can Use It)

Inside a PR disaster, and how to overcome it | Fast Company
"When drama unfolds, it’s easy to freeze up. Who makes the decisions? Who puts out a statement? What media outlets do you respond or reach out to?" 

You're doing email introductions wrong | NextGov
"If you are introducing two people without using a double opt-in intro, you have a high likelihood of being a terrible person." 

User data drives Upworthy's shift to original content Nieman Lab
"Data is now at the heart of everything Upworthy does editorially. Staffers are working to emotions impact how users consume stories, what motivates people to take action around content they find meaningful, and what is the best way to structure stories to take advantage of different platforms. "

Talk directly to your audience | Facebook Media
A step-by-step guide to planning, promoting, and hosting a Facebook  Q&A session.

Anatomy of a highly successful NYT tweet | The Washington Post
"...Tweeting out photo-only posts is 'something we’ve been doing more of...'”

Strategic planning and UX design are better together | Google
"Brands have become interfaces, so design is now as important as the brand story being told... accelerat[ing] the need for planners and UX designers to partner."

What can civic journalism teach us about engagement? | Nieman Lab
"If you deliberately build in simple ways for people to participate — in community problems or elections — many will engage."

Culture Report
Black life in America | The New York Times Magazine
"I asked another friend what it’s like being the mother of a black son. "The condition of black life is one of mourning,' she said bluntly. For her, mourning lived in real time inside her and her son’s reality..."

The deceptive attack on Planned Parenthood | The New York Times
"The Center for Medical Progress video campaign is a dishonest attempt to make legal, voluntary and potentially lifesaving tissue donations appear nefarious and illegal." 

There's a confidence gap between men and women | The Atlantic
"Evidence shows that women are less self-assured than men—and that to succeed, confidence matters as much as competence. Here's why, and what to do about it."

Tristan's Three Things for Fun 

  1. Actress & writer Rashida Jones shares tips for finding happiness at work.
  2. In honor of NASA's New Horizons mission: listen to the songs you'd hear if you tuned in to radio waves arriving at different parts of the universe. Older songs have traveled farther.
  3. We'll miss Jon, too. President Obama makes his final visit to the Comedy Central set. (Don't fret. Daily Show head writer Elliott Kalan will be at ComNet15.)
The Selfie
Mandy Van Deven, Communications Officer at Foundation for a Just Society, is a proponent of using zombies to help social justice movements.
Tune Up

This month's playlist, Eaux Claires, showcases artists from Bon Iver's Eaux Claires music festival. 

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