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Local Runner's 10k Streak Began with Salon Disagreement

Richmond Times-Dispatch • Linda Gulick has completed each of the first 14 Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10k road races, and plans to take on the 15th this year on March 29.

How (and why) to Shape Up for the New Year

USA Today • New research shows that physical activity may be a good preventative drug for many health problems.

The Race for Most Marathons in a Year

Runner's World • Three runners made attempts to break the record for most marathons during a year in 2013.

4 Ways to Master Hill Running • Using hills as part of your training? It's important to be smart, use proper technique, and approach each hill with a strategy.

Chesterfield Runner Snaps 'Frozen Selfie'

WTVR • Justin Smith took an epic selfie after a recent run in freezing temperatures, confirming that it was, in fact, cold outside.

Walking: The Cure for What Ails You • Walking can be a 'wonder drug' for many of today's common medical issues.
Bike to Work Day: What's going on in this picture? Let's let Sports Backers staffer Molly Wright explain. "My sister Annie bikes to work every day. Once a year, some of her co-workers at Acorn Sign Graphics have an annual 'Idiot Bike to Work Day.' They try to pick the worst weather day of the year, and last Tuesday fit their needs perfectly. That way, she doesn’t feel so miserable during her daily commute because she knows she has company!"

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