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What We Can Learn From Olympians About Staying Warm Outside

The Globe and Mail • Need some tips to keep up your spring 10k training in the cold weather? Learn how other athletes survive (and thrive) in freezing conditions.

Great Bikeways Can Help Local Economies

People for Bikes • Creating protected bike lanes and other great bikeways is something a city does to help create prosperity.

Employers Investing More in Workplace Wellness

Baltimore Sun • Many businesses are investing more in workplace wellness, especially initiatives that help prevent chronic diseases down the road.

Lessons From a 94-Year-Old Track Star • 94-year-old Olga Kotelko is breaking records and astonishing doctors with her energy, longevity, and verve for life.

The Health Hazards of Sitting

Washington Post • We know sitting too much is bad, but here, four experts detail exactly what goes wrong in our bodies when we park ourselves for eight hours a day.

Cross Country Team Reunion Brings Back Memories of the Miles

Richmond Times-Dispatch • One writer took up cross country in high school to train for basketball but grew to love running and his group of teammates. They recently gathered for a 40th reunion to recap the memories, miles, and...bowling pins.
Healthy Tips from the Heat: Members of the Miami Heat recently visited the White House to share some healthy tips with the First Lady. Topics included eating more fruit, drinking plenty of water, and bringing down the rim with a ferocious dunk.

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