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'Dash for the Cash' Just What the Doctor Ordered

Richmond Times-Dispatch • Avid runner Jackie Woods was thinking of skipping the Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10k - but then a phone call about the AT&T Dash for the Cash, and the green light from her doctor, changed her mind.

Nine Surprising Ways Running Helps Your Body

Runner's World • You know running is healthy, but here, learn more about all the good it does.

Retirement A Good Time to Pump Up Exercise

USA Today • More gyms and fitness programs are catering to retirees, offering classes geared towards their schedules and goals.

DC Transportation Clears Snow From Bike Lanes

Washington Post • During last week's storm, a DC Department of Transportation team took up the cause on behalf of the city's cyclists.

Four Tips for Overcoming Pre-Race Nerves • Find out how you can utilize your nervousness to galvanize your performances.

Xterra Adds National Championship for Richmond Race

Richmond Times-Dispatch • USA Triathlon recently announced this year's race in June not only will serve as the Xterra East Championship, but also as the USAT Off-Road National Championship.
Hot Air Balloon Highline: There are a lot of different things you could say about this video. But, really, the only thing that needs to be said is, "these guys are crazy." Unless you make a habit of slacklining in mid-air while suspended between two hot air balloons, with a parachute as an exit strategy. And if you are, then you're crazy too. Also, don't try this at home.

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