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The New Key to Office Productivity? Walking.

Greatist - When it comes to boosting energy and productivity, fitting in a few extra steps can help go a long way to increasing physical activity in the workplace.

Is There a Secret to Making Stairs Irresistible?

Bloomberg BusinessWeek - Will a Seattle building's new stairwell be a lesson to companies trying to get employees to make healthier choices?

What's Your Desk Posture?

Bloomberg Business Week - From the 'sloppy sloucher' to the 'discreet leaner,' there are many different desk positions in the workplace. Here are the nine most common, along with the stresses they put on the body.

Activate Wellness Programs to Achieve Key Objectives

Corporate Wellness Magazine - Company wellness programs can help increase employee morale while also lowering health care costs.

Pros and Cons of Popular Wellness Programs

Wall Street Journal - More companies are using incentives for workers to get in better shape. But which ones are the most effective?

Wellness Programs Rely on Competitions and Team Challenges

Washington Post - An increasing number of companies are turning to competitions and socially-based activities as a way to compel their workers to get fit.
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