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Friends, fans and family support runners

Richmond Times-Dispatch • Spectators took their support to a whole new level at the Nov. 16 Anthem Richmond Marathon.

How to Recover from a Half or Full Marathon

Runner's World • Try this 'reverse taper' to return to training refreshed and healthy.

Exercise: It's What We Evolved to Do

CNN • Exercise is an inexpensive, readily available, and highly effective way to prevent illness while also reducing health care costs.

Building Healthy Places: A Stairwell Renaissance

Urban Land Magazine • Long relegated to dark, windowless holes behind locked fire doors, stairways are now examples of encouraging health through design.

Olympians Take On Speedgolf Championships

Runner's World • The field for the recent Speedgolf World Championships included Olympians Bernard Lagat and Nick Willis, as well as a variety of other runners.

'Charter 2015' Initiative Asks Employers to be Bicycle Friendly

Richmond Times-Dispatch • Richmond 2015 and RideFinders are collaborating on a program to encourage area businesses to be more bike friendly for their employees.
Walk and Talk: Jed Bartlett and the rest of the 'West Wing' crew get together in the White House one more time for a walking meeting to talk about the numerous health benefits of...walking.

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