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Look Ma, More Thread!

The most expensive supply I use in my textile paintings is thread.  This little pile cost over $300. 

How I Spend My Days

One of the most common questions I’m asked is “how do you get so much done while also working a day job?”

This week I'm answering that question by sharing my day to day activities on my blog.

Join me daily to see how I get it all done...


With more to come.  I plan on posting these updates through Sunday, December 23.
Image of Lisa Call's Studio

Visit My Studio

Would you like to see what's happening in my studio?  Please send me an email if you are in the Denver area to schedule a personal studio tour.  I enjoy meeting my subscribers in person.

New Collectible Small Art

Postcards from New York #2 ©2012 Lisa Call
Postcards from New York #2
©2012 Lisa Call
4 x 6 inches
On stretched canvas

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Postcards from New York #9 ©2012 Lisa Call
Postcards from New York #9
©2012 Lisa Call
6 x 4 inches
On stretched canvas

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Postcards from New York #23 ©2012 Lisa Call
Postcards from New York #23
©2012 Lisa Call
6 x 12 inches
On stretched canvas

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Postcards from New York #18  ©2012 Lisa Call
Postcards from New York #18
©2012 Lisa Call
12 x 6 inches
On stretched canvas

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See the full collection of 25 Postcards from New York here.

Between Dec 1, 2012 and January 15, 2013 – I am donating 20% of the proceeds of the sales from Postcards to New York to Food Bank for New York City to support Sandy relief efforts.

Think Big

You are invited to join the conversation at, where artists are encouraged to think big about their art, their marketing, and their lives.

Hello From The Studio

Friday marks the end of the Mayan Calendar, which apparently doesn't mean the end of the world.

Instead it marks the end of an era and the ushering in of a new dawn.  It's time for new beginnings.  A chance to do things differently.

I'm always a big fan of new beginnings.  Of wiping the slate clean and reworking my plans, recommitting to my intentions.

I already have big changes in the works for 2013....
  • focusing on a new series (Portals)
  • using different materials in my art (see the new work in progress below)
  • revamping how I teach (the winter trimester classes are almost full with 2 already sold out)
  • a brand new approach (for me) to marketing my artwork
  • and more to come
This new era is going to be fantastic - I can already feel it!

Although, just in case it really is the end of the world, I plan on eating a lot of chocolate on December 21, you know, just in case.  I also believe in not missing awesome opportunities for fun :).

What changes are you creating for a fabulous 2013?

Enjoy, and as usual, thank you for subscribing and supporting my art and sharing my journey.


Fresh Off the Design Wall

Portals #2  ©2012 by Lisa Call

Portals #2
©2012 by Lisa Call
12 x 12 inches
Textile Painting (Fabric hand painted by the artist, printed fabric from Lynn Krawczyk, cotton batting, cotton thread)
On Stretched Canvas

As I continue my dive into openness, adventure and opportunity with the Portals series, I've decided to branch out a bit in my selection of fabrics.

Long ago I painted and stamped my own fabrics and used them in textile paintings such as Chairs #3:

Chairs #3 ©2000 by Lisa Call

Chairs #3
©2000 by Lisa Call
45 x 35 inches
Textile Painting (Fabric hand painted by the artist, cotton batting, cotton thread)
Collection of the Artist

This summer I communicated with Lynn Krawczyk and we decided to do a small collaboration. 

I've got several small pieces in the works incorporating her graphic designs (the blue bullseyes on red and the circles on purple are her fabrics) with my more painterly fabrics.

This is what is on my design wall this morning:

Portals - in progress
Portals #7 (in progress), Portals #9 (in progress) and Portals #2

American Craft Council Show in Baltimore

I'm taking my art marketing in a new direction in 2012 - I'm going to participate in a big wholesale/retail trade show! 

Setting up a booth to showcase my artwork and then spending 5 days on my feet talking to the public. 

I'm really excited to dip my toe into this new adventure and see what happens.

Details of the retail portion of the show in Baltimore in February are on this flyer:

The ACC website with additional information is here.  Please stop by my booth and say hello!

Working in a Series - Only 2 Spaces Left!

Both the Master Class and Setting Goals workshops have sold out for the winter trimester but there are still 2 seats remaining in my most popular workshop - Working in a Series

I've created an Alumni Directory to showcase the amazing artwork that my former students make and to give you an idea of the variety of work created in the class.  You can also read some of their thoughts about the workshops.

"I found Lisa Call’s workshop through a Twitter post and immediately knew this was the next step for me. Lisa is a professional and every aspect of her course is planned, informational and motivating. I am very busy and my time is limited and the schedule of the course allowed me flexibility to complete the work.

I have completed this course and now I feel like I have the information to take my artwork to a new level. Take the course, do the assignments and enjoy the results. It is so worth it.

~Antzee Magruder
Memphis, TN

“This course was all I was hoping it would be and much more. I am so appreciative of the time and thought you put into your responses to our thoughts and our work. The structure of the course and the topics you researched and presented to us were exactly what I needed at this point in my development as an artist.

The class work ethic was truly inspiring – it pushed me to do so much more than I thought possible!

Thank you for everything Lisa. I’m really looking forward to working with you in the future!”

~Wendy Tribulski
Avalon, NJ

This is the one and only time I will be teaching Working in a Series online in 2013 so if you are ready to dive deeper into your artwork, now is the time to sign up.

Details and Registration.


Discover Alyson Khan's Art

©2012 Alyson Khan

it is a gate
©2012 Alyson Khan
17.5 x 19 x 2 inches
Wood Assemblage
(reprinted with permission by the artist)

I recently came across Alyson's colorful wood assemblages online and adore them.   I love the placement of the blocks and her use of color and design.

Alyson writes of her work: "My assemblages and collages are often tower-like, sometimes flowering precarious balances of odd and repeating shapes. They remind me of the simple things in life, and the things we do in repetition and rhythm to help maintain a stabilized existence in a world that is chaotic and fast."

I can definitely relate. 

Website: Alyson Kahn
Blog: Alyson Khan
Facebook: Alyson Khan Studio

-- Each month I introduce my readers a new artist. I enjoy learning about new artists and also love sharing with my readers the talent of the amazing artists I know and admire.  In 2012 I am featuring artists living in Colorado.
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