The Resonance Project has now been on the road, in the desert and jungle, and in the editing studio for over ten years.  I would like to use this first Newsletter to look back at the decade, with enormous gratitude to the countless people around the world who have graced my path and played a part in some way towards the realization of this archival project.

The Resonance Project was created in 2000 as a nonprofit organization out of a desire to document traditional music and ceremonies of indigenous peoples, providing a vivid testament to cultural observances and values around the world.  What first began with a view to create a single documentary film has now blossomed into a bigger vision, including museum and photo exhibitions, a book, a CD and educational films.  Please enjoy this brief look back.

1999 – 2002

Beginning in 1999, while maintaining a career teaching music in Chicago, Illinois, I made many field trips to Morocco, traveling from mountains to desert to fertile river valleys, from imperial souks to remote villages to document traditional songs and ceremonies.  The result was The Music of Morocco and the Cycles of Life, a 50-minute documentary film dedicated to author Paul Bowles, which explores the unique and powerful connection between traditional music and Moroccan rites of passage. Morocco’s sounds and ceremonies have been enriched by the eclectic mix of peoples come together on Moroccan soil: Berbers, Arabs, nomads, Sub-Saharan Africans, and Moors and Romans of the great Mediterranean empires.  All left their imprint.

Since its 2002 premiere at the Anfa Cultural Center in Casablanca, hosted by the American Consulate, the film has gone on to successful screenings at festivals, museums, and conferences on three continents, including: the National Geographical Society; the Smithsonian Institution; the National Festival of Music in Marrakech; the Gnawa Festival in Essaouira, Morocco; the Escambiar Film Festival in Toulouse, France; the Philadelphia International Film Festival; and the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

2005 – 2008

The quest continued as I turned my gaze to the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia and moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2005. For three and a half years life was filled with journeys through forests and mountains to distant villages in Laos, Myanmar/Burma, China and Thailand to document ancestral music of the traditional peoples through films, photographs, recordings and journals.

The Golden Triangle is one of the most culturally diverse places on the planet, harboring over one hunderd and thirty distinctive groups and subgroups, each representing an extaordinary world, unique in customs, arts, music, religion, dress and features.

As the archival project grew, I moved from the jungle to my studio to weave these materials and collections together in creative ways.  These have been entering the world in a variety of media in some exciting venues.


May 2008
Gala Reception and Fundraiser for ‘The Music of the Golden Triangle’ Project
Exhibit of Photographs and Documentary Films
Golden Triangle Antique Gallery, Chicago, Illinois


April - July 2009
Museum Exhibition: Songs of Memory, Traditional Music of the Golden Triangle
Jim Thompson Art Center, Bangkok, Thailand

November 2009
Book Launch: Songs of Memory
Photo Exhibit: People with Hats, Traditional Peoples of the Golden Triangle

Suriwong Book Centre, Chiang Mai, Thailand


December 2009 - April 2010
Photo Exhibit: Patterns, Passages & Prayers
Tamarind Village Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand

February – April 2010
Museum Exhibition: Songs of Memory, Traditional Music of the Golden Triangle
Chiang Mai Arts and Cultural Centre, Chiang Mai, Thailand

February – April 2010
Tribal Wisdom Symposium: Sharing and Preserving Traditional Knowledge
An Interdisciplinary Conference, Demonstrations, Curator Walks, Concerts, Food Festival
Chiang Mai Arts and Cultural Centre, Chiang Mai, Thailand

October 2010 - January 2011
Photo Exhibit: Colours of The North, Portraits of the Golden Triangle
Anantara Golden Triangle Resort, Chiang Saen, Thailand

Recent speaking engagements on the power of music and the traditional music of the Golden Triangle have been given in Vientiane, Laos; Mandalay, Burma; Hanoi, Vietnam; Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand.

In the past year articles and photos by Victoria have appeared in Asian Geographic; Journal of Urban Culture Research, Chulalonghorn University: Matador Travel Journal; and Asian Geographic Jr.

Interactive sites have been created, providing audio and video media clips, photo galleries, museum exhibition slideshows and information that will introduce you to the many aspects of The Resonance Project.

Gratitude to Sponsors of Songs of Memory
Working as an independent filmmaker, without a university or cultural organization behind the Resonance Project, it has been an honor to reach out and receive funding from supportive individuals and organizations.

The International Documentary Association (IDA) has accepted the Music of the Golden Triangle project in its fiscal sponsorship program, which allows the documentary film work a not-for-profit status.  (A copy of the IDA letter can be sent upon request.)

For their generosity of spirit in believing in the Songs of Memory archival work and for contributing to its activities, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the following major sponsors: Marsha and Phil Dowd, the Jim Thompson Foundation, The Golden Triangle Gallery (Chicago), Tilleke & Gibbins, Tamarind Village (Chiang Mai), The Frankel Family Foundation, Joanna MacLean and Siam Commercial Bank.

Future Activities
Many projects are planned in the coming years.
    * A series of 20 educational films will be created from 250 hours of footage, each including translations and researched narratives.
    * A one-hour documentary film, ‘The Music of the Golden Triangle and the Cycles of Life,’ will be produced, formatted for public television.
    * The Songs of Memory museum and photo exhibitions were designed as ‘traveling collections,’ to be shown in venues around the world to inspire an international audience with these musical treasures.  (If your organization would like to host these collections, please contact Victoria at the Resonance Project.)

Call for Sponsorship
For this archival work to continue into the future, further funding is required.  In this regard, the Resonance Project is currently seeking sponsors to support the activities in 2010 and beyond. To potential donors – businesses, philanthropic foundations, NGOs and generous individuals – should you be interested in playing an instrumental role in helping these archives to its completion, please contact Victoria Vorreiter at the Resonance Project.

Enormous thanks to you for taking time to look at this review of events – it has been a wondrous journey. Other newsletters will appear periodically as the research unfolds and the collections travel the world.   Until then, wherever you may be,
             I send my warmest wishes, Victoria

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