Friday the 13th could be your lucky day...
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Fri  |  Dec 13  |  2013
This time last year, to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of our first book, Relief Beyond Belief: Silhouette Dieforming in Polymer Clay, we hosted a '12 Days of Christmas' Giveaway...

our ’12 Days of Christmas’ Giveaway in 2012

Twice a day for 12 days, we picked a name at random from a long list of entries gathered on our facebook page, from our In Box, and from our roster of Cutting Edge Store customers. By December 21, the day RBB turned 1, we'd given away 12 copies of the book and one of each of our 12 Long Trio Die Sets to 24 different winners in 11 different countries. It got a little frenzied in the final days, but it was sure fun, posting the winners' names, clicking 'Send' to transfer the RBB PDF, and tucking little Trios into Christmas envelopes destined for studios all over the world. When the Giveaway was all wrapped up, we shared a countdown review on YouTube, a way to celebrate with our winners, and say Thank You to everyone who entered:

click above to see the video card from last year's '12 Days' Giveaway
To Sheila, Manuela, Patricia, Katja, Jacquelyn, Ingrid, Sharon, Lucy, Linda, Kit, Irenia, Becky, Lorraine, Jan, Philo, Andrea, Cathy, Marcela, Suzanne, Shelley, Heidi, Lisa, Jane, Karina, and everyone who has supported us since last Christmas and throughout 2013... we hope our tools and techniques have brought a year full of ideas, inspiration, and creativity to you and your studio.
We had so much fun playing Santa last year with our '12 Days of Christmas' Giveaway in 2012, we've decided to do it again, but with an added bonus for 2013...
Beginning Friday, December 13, and every day for 12 Days until Christmas, we'll be welcoming entries again from our facebook Likes, Comments, and Shares, from our mailing list (new subscribers and those already faithfully following), and from our Cutting Edge Store shoppers' list. Every day for 12 Days, we'll pick a name and send that person both of our digital booksRelief Beyond Belief and its companion title, Designing With Dies.
both our books get bows this year...
But wait. There's more... 
In 2012, our Giveaway lasted 12 Days. This year? Well, being that it's 2013, we thought we'd add a bonus day and make this year’s event a ’13 Day’ Giveaway...
our ’13 Days of Christmas’ Giveaway for 2013
On that final day (and what day is that? Why, it’s Christmas Day, Mr. Scrooge!), we'll take all the names, put them all in Frosty's magic hat, shake 'em up like a snow globe and pick a bonus ‘Lucky 13’ name to join our roster of RBB and DWD readers. 

Here's how to enter:
Every day at 13 o’clock, (1 pm MST, 8 pm GMT) we’ll post our daily winner. It all starts on Friday, December 13. And remember, if Friday the 13th isn't your lucky day, come back the next day and try your luck again. You'll still have 12 More Days to go.
But wait. There's still more...

During last year’s Giveaway, lots of people told us via facebook and email how much fun they were having, seeing our little advent calendar doors pop open, hoping their name would be the pick of the day, yet still enjoying the party if it wasn’t. And for lots of you, it wasn’t. Counting all the entries we received, for every one who got our book or one of our Long Trio Die Sets, there were hundreds who didn’t. Not getting picked? Sure, it’s disappointing when the luck o’ the draw goes elsewhere. And being among the gifted? That’s sweeter than sugarplums. But one thing we learned from last year’s Giveaway is this: there’s nothing sweeter or more fun than Giving Away. We still have all the emails that came in from our winners, overjoyed with their gifts, grateful for ours. Re-reading them recently, we totally get why Santa does what he does every year. True, we all want to be on his Nice Lice, because it’s nice to Get. But playing Santa as we did last Christmas and will again this year, it’s pretty darn nice to Give too.

Do you want to Give too? Do you want to wear the Santa hat this year? When we decided to replay our Giveaway with a baker’s dozen bonus for 2013, we knew there might be some of you wishing to win, but wondering...
“What if I already have your book?”
First, thank you. We hope it’s well-loved and is being well-used. Second? If you already have our book, you don’t need a second. But maybe you know someone who doesn't have our book. Why not enter on their behalf? In the true spirit of Giving, we want to turn this year’s Giveaway into A Way to Give, where you get to play Santa too. Here’s how it works...
Send us a secret email telling us about someone you know who doesn’t have our books but maybe wishes they did: a friend, your partner, your sister, someone in your guild, an online claymate, a student, an artist you admire, a teacher you want to thank... whoever. Tell us a little bit about them, their work, and why you want their name on our Secret Santa Wish List. On Christmas Eve, when all the Secret Santa emails have been read, and (almost) all the books have been sent, we’ll pick 12 names from your submissions. On Christmas morning, we’ll send a special delivery email to each one picked to let them know a ‘Belief in Christmas’ Two-Book Bundle is on its way...
We are so grateful for your continued support of us and our work. What a gift it is every day of the year to be able to do what we love and share it with others, even if (and maybe especially if) we haven’t met them yet. Not everyone believes in Santa Claus, but with your help, maybe we can bring a little unexpected 'Belief in Christmas' to someone special this holiday season.
Send us your Secret Santa emails before noon on Tuesday, December 24 (12 noon PST, 7 pm GMT). Please include your name, the name of the person you wish to gift, and as much as you want about you, them, and why. We can’t make everyone’s Christmas wishes come true, but we can’t pick your pick if you don’t share your story, and we promise we’ll read every word.
With 13 lucky Giveaway winners, and thanks to you, an extra 12 on our Secret Santa List this season, we’ve got 50 books virtually wrapped up and waiting to make their way around the world. We hope you’ll join us, and spread the word to others too, to make this year’s ’13 Days of Christmas’ Giveaway as sweet as ever.
Dan + Tracy

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